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One Hot Yoga & Pilates is founded on the ethos of unity – between physical and psychological wellbeing; and between the external environment and our internal worlds. It makes sense given the perfect combination of the owners (and partners) Rob and Lucinda Mills. Crafted by architect Rob, and run by yogi Lucinda, the studio fuses the ancient practices of yoga with timeless, sophisticated design.

Every detail creates calm, from the larger transformation of the industrial warehouses and architecturally designed studio spaces to the neutral colour palette and carefully considered interior finish. Stepping through the doors, you’ll feel like you’re taking a welcome time-out from the busyness of everyday life.

The intelligent fresh air system reduces carbon dioxide and contaminants in the air while providing consistent, comfortable warmth throughout the studios, which are fragranced with the relaxing scent of One’s signature aromatherapy oil. This state-of-the-art filtration makes the air within the studios feel lighter and fresher to encourage more freedom of movement.

The studio hosts more than 150 yoga and Pilates classes per week, including the signature Slow Hot Flow, 27 degree Hot Mat Pilates and 21 degree Reformer Pilates. With classes running frequently across four studios from early morning until evening, you’ll have plenty to choose from, whether you’re looking to tone and shape in Reformer Pilates or stretch and recharge in Yin.

If you’re not into chakras and mysticism, you’ll be glad to know that One Hot Yoga takes an evidence-based approach to fitness. The instructors have stripped back the traditional historical elements of yogic practice such as chanting and Sanskrit, instead bringing the core teachings to the fore.

No two classes are the same, and the teachers’ engagement with each student’s practice will ensure that you never get bored. Most classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and experience, with different options outlined so you can pick a pose or stretch variation that feels right for you.

One Hot Yoga was the first studio in the world to offer core body temperature Slow Hot Flow yoga, a 60-minute Vinyasastyle class, taught in a 37 degree room to increase heart rate and calories burned. They also pioneered Hot Mat Pilates in Australia, a 50-minute class focusing on strength, flexibility and endurance as well as breathing, balance and alignment.

It’s not just classes where One Hot Yoga leads the pack. It strives to be the world’s healthiest yoga studio, with the use of Australia’s most energy efficient heating system, natural materials and organic body and cleaning products.

Boasting an elegant atmosphere and diversity of classes, One Hot Yoga & Pilates elevates the studio experience to a place of harmony. Sydneysiders can look forward to enjoying the experience when its second studio opens in Potts Point.

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36-48 River Street, South Yarra


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