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There is a lot to look at when you first enter the cavernous studio of Humming Puppy. However, the most striking feature is not its natural timber walls, beautifully arranged mats and tranquil setting – it’s the hum that resonates throughout the shala.

Partners in business and life, Jackie Alexander and Christopher Koch, introduced two frequencies into the studio, which aim to align student’s energies and enhance and deepen their experience of yoga. The 40hz ‘Gamma’ brain wave frequency is associated with states of peak performance and 7.83hz, the frequency of the earth, creates a sense of grounding, often referred to as the Schumann Resonance.

As a regular meditation practitioner, Chris often experiences strong vibrations in different parts of his body. These experiences led him to a light bulb moment – why not invite frequency or vibration into the room while practicing yoga?

At the time, Jackie was already a regular yoga practitioner. Having discovered a deep love for the practice, she was on a journey of self-discovery that literally changed her life. This passion saw her undertake teacher training at Moksha Yoga Academy.

The classes at Humming Puppy don’t prescribe to one specific style but draw inspiration from all the lineages from which the full-time instructors have practiced and leant. With four different classes on offer, there is sure to be one that resonates with each individual.

Mellow Hum is a slow-paced, low intensity class that includes gentle flows and yin-style postures. Unified Hum takes it up a notch and is practised at a consistent pace, making it a fantastic class for new yoga practitioners to develop their practice. Advanced yogis will love Dynamic Hum; a high intensity class that includes stronger, longer holds, Vinyasa flows and advanced postures. Finally, Deepen Your Hum is a workshop-style class that focuses on a different element of yoga each month, allowing for interaction and engagement between teacher and student.

Much of what has been incorporated has been taken from a beginner’s perspective. The tiered studio gives every student a view of the instructor, while you can also choose which mat you’d like to practice on prior to the class. The number of participants is limited to 39 to ensure there’s plenty of space for everyone.

What’s more, everything you need is provided, including mats, blocks, bolsters, straps and towels. Post-workout, the showers are fully equipped, ensuring you’ll walk out feeling refreshed. There’s also a lounge area where students can relax pre- and post-class, chat to the teachers and feel like they are part of the Humming Puppy community.

In creating a welcoming and sacred space, Humming Puppy encourages students to find a deeper sense of connection to their self through a celebration of yoga and all it offers, both physically and mentally.

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