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These days, we are more likely to recharge our devices than recharge ourselves. That’s where Happy Melon comes in. The first-of-its-kind studio blends mindfulness, meditation, yoga and Dynamic Fitness for an experience that covers both the physical and mental elements of healthy living.

There’s a dedicated team behind the studio: David Lawn, Masha Gorodilova, Simon Davey, Liv Downing and Sarah McLachlan. Despite coming from different industries, everyone is collectively driven to help others find a calmer, happier and more connected place in their own lives.

To help achieve this, Happy Melon’s studios exude the comfort of one’s home. Artworks by Leila Jefferys, Tracey Moffat and Gemma Smith adorn the walls, hand-made light fittings are used throughout the studios and a limited use of down lights provides a warm and gentle ambiance. The bathrooms are even designed to feel comfortable, with a signature scent common throughout.

There are more than 120 classes on offer per week, including several different types of yoga practice, three styles of mindfulness meditation, as well as Pilates and Dynamic Fitness. Yoga Flow, Yoga Slow, Yin Yoga, and Beginner’s Yoga are all available, while mums-to-be and new parents can also practice regularly with pre-natal and Mini Melons classes, so you can bring your newborn along. For a truly heart-racing experience, try the Dynamic Fitness or Pilates sessions. The small group fitness classes use modern equipment to invigorate the mind while providing an all-encompassing physical workout. Meanwhile, the Pilates classes incorporate mindfulness and cardio for total mind and body training.

Those looking to recharge mentally can book in for a mindfulness meditation class, which run for either 25 or 45 minutes. The three options – Clear, Calm or Connect – are designed to address different elements of mental health, ensuring every participant walks out clear-headed and ready for the day ahead. Each yoga, fitness and Pilates class also ends in a short guided meditation, where participants are encouraged to relax before returning to reality.

Happy Melon also offers a range of education across yoga, mindfulness and Pilates with workshops, courses and Mindful Movie Nights running each month. It’s also the only fitness studio in Australia to offer the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, which provides deep insight into living a more mindful existence.

Happy Melon’s second studio in Willis Street, Armadale provides members and visitors access to some of the best wellness treatments and therapies available. Mindful Massage, Rolfing and Naturopathy are all on the menu, with plans to expand in the future. Happy Melon’s vision is that by 2025 a mindfulness practice will be as common as a yoga practice, with the company being founded on the principle that if you ‘get the mind right, the body will follow’. By offering a range of classes that provide a break from the stressors of everyday life, the team encourages every participant to do just that.

1252 High St, Armadale

2a Willis St, Armadale

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1252 High Street, Armadale


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