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Join a community of like-minded yogis at Gertrude Street Yoga, where students are invited to explore, elevate and expand their mind and yoga practice. 

Gertrude Street Yoga has a long and strong reputation. Paul Wooden founded the studio in 1997, a time when yoga’s popularity was only beginning. Today, husband and wife team Hannah and Jaspah are leading the charge and continue to build the studio’s exceptional reputation. Hannah and Jaspah both completed their Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico before returning to Australia and joining the Gertrude Street team.

Gertrude Street Yoga embraces a sense of community where students and teachers are invited to gather, share a cup of tea and join in conversation before and after their yoga practice. There are many spaces that make this possible.

The reception provides students and clients with a warm and inviting space to mingle with other students and teachers, warm up before classes and cool down afterwards. High windows let natural light stream in, wooden floors offer a warm and soft surface to walk on barefoot and the recycled-wood furniture – much of which is handmade by Jaspah and Hannah – completes the space.

The level one studio is the larger of the two and features exposed brick walls, high ceilings and original floors to honour the history of the building. Large warehouse style windows, silhouette plants and a large dancing Shiva statue decorate the space, and you’ll be greeted with by abundance of natural light. The smaller studio space on level two has an attic feel to it, with arch windows at floor level that provide views overlooking Gertrude St. When the sun rises and sets you can enjoy the view over the buildings and treetops.

The Healing Centre is an important feature in the studio. It offers a range of services including massage, craniosacral therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and averveda. Whether you’re in the mood to sweat, stretch or relax, students have six class types to choose from. Vinyasa provides a more dynamic approach to yoga, connecting movement with breath, which creates an energetic practice, increasing circulation, strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness.

If you’re after a slower paced style, try the Hatha Flow, which allows you to improve your alignment, build strength, increase flexibility and improve stamina. Nourish your mind and body in a Yin class, where students are able to hold long, meditative poses, focus on relaxing the muscles to stretch deep connective tissues and release stress throughout the entire body. Gertrude Street Yoga also offers pre-natal classes, meditation and pranayama and gentle yoga styles.

Gertrude Street Yoga isn’t just about the practice itself. Instead, it celebrates the community around the yoga experience, helping participants elevate themselves both physically and mentally.

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Level 1, 202 Gertrude St, Fitzroy


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