In just two short years, the F45 fitness phenomenon has exploded, taking the world by storm. F45 is an innovative, challenging and systemised workout that encourages participants to give their all. 

Personal trainer, Chris Scales, and fitness fiend, Ash Sandeman opened F45 Training Northcote in 2015, so that they could share their love of F45 with as many people as possible. Chris is Head Trainer at the Northcote studio, bringing with him more than 10 years experience in the industry. His work as an exercise physiologist, Pilates teacher and professional kick boxer, just to name a few, and his tertiary qualifications in exercise science and rehabilitation ensures that he is both knowledgeable and inspiring.

Studio Manager, Ash, has had a love of health and fitness her entire life. She has always been involved in sports and her determination to help others live fit and healthy lives led her to jump right into F45. Ash is currently expanding her knowledge base, studying exercise and sport science when she is not running sessions at the studio.

Chris, Ash and all of the staff at F45 Northcote are happy to help participants set tailored fitness and lifestyle goals that suit their personal needs. Every session is high intensity interval training; either cardio – which helps increase heart rate and improve overall fitness, or resistance – which builds strength and stability. These classes run throughout the week, while Saturdays welcome a super circuit class – a combination of cardio and resistance exercises designed to get the best of both worlds.

Each session begins with an explanation of the session, followed by demonstrations of the exercises involved. These are also shown on TV screens throughout the space, meaning participants are adequately prepared and catered to. After a group warm-up, the session begins. Trainers are on hand at all times to provide guidance and ensure each exercise is performed correctly.

All of the classes at F45 are time based, as opposed to rep based, ensuring members can work out at the same time regardless of their fitness levels. And even better, the format of the class changes every day so participants are kept on their toes.

F45 Training Northcote welcomes anyone with any fitness level – from beginners to professional athletes, you can be sure you will be looked after. The friendly staff are dedicated to helping you get the most out of every single session, allowing you to reach your full potential.

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2 Separation Street, Northcote


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