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Ballet is commonly thought to be for younger generations or professionals, but at Elance Adult Ballet School, age is just a number and experience is not essential. This boutique ballet school is giving the gift of dance to adults and in doing so, creating a unique way to exercise your mind and body.

The school was born in 2002 with just two students. Now, 14 years later, there are 550 adults enrolled in their unique classes. Founder and Principal, Dianne Harrison, has lived and breathed the world of ballet her entire life, having studied the

Borovansky method to an advanced level and trained at the National Ballet Theatre. She founded Elance with the philosophy that classical ballet training should not be limited by age. In doing so she established an environment that isn’t about having the ballet physique, feet or turnout, but rather becoming the best dancer that your body will allow you to be.

While the structure, discipline and etiquette of a ballet class can be daunting, the expectations are clearly explained. You’ll soon leave the fast pace of everyday life behind, focusing on the here and now.

‘Jet. Elanc.’ is a ballet term for an explosive or exciting jump; a fitting title as the school is all about taking a leap of faith and trying something new. Despite approaching ballet in a slightly more relaxed way, Elanc. really does takes its teaching seriously.

Dianne leads a team of professional teachers who have years of experience in the industry and all share the same belief that ballet can be enjoyed at any age. Elance adheres to traditional, disciplined teaching methods whilst encouraging students to discover and develop their dance quality and artistry, all in a warm, welcoming studio environment. Expect classes full of determination, laughter, sweat and triumph, as you learn the ins and outs of the highly structured, extremely detailed art form.

Eleven class levels are on offer, allowing each participant to explore and develop their love for ballet in the most appropriate setting. While the school is ideal for adult students looking to reconnect with a pastime they once loved, it also accommodates those who are looking to try a form of fitness that is entirely new.

For a truly immersive experience in the world of ballet, the comprehensive 48-week Entry Level program is the perfect introduction to the style, supporting every student from the very first step to securing strong foundations in classical technique. Book in for the Entry Level 1 classes to start from the very beginning, or if you’ve got some training behind you, try the more challenging Progressive classes.

If you’re tired of the traditional gym ritual, or have fond memories of the days of leotards and ballet shoes, stop by Elance Adult Ballet School to discover the dancer you can be.

2 Monomeeth Dve, Mitcham

176-178 Mt Alexander Rd, Flemington

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176-178 Mt Alexander Rd, Flemington


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