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Helping people experience physical freedom through the union of science and spirituality. That’s the philosophy that drives the team at Downtown Yoga & Pilates, and what helps them to deliver yoga and Pilates classes that inspire, refresh and challenge students. With more than 145 classes a week, Downtown Yoga & Pilates has become one of Melbourne’s favourite yoga and Pilates studios.

Established in 2007, Downtown Yoga & Pilates is run by a highly qualified team of yoga and Pilates professionals. Their collective vision is to help people experience true freedom of movement, strength and relaxation through the union of innovative, science-based exercise with mindfulness and traditional practices.

You can expect a genuine and welcoming environment from your first step into the studios. The staff are casually and often quirkily dressed and you’ll find no trace of a franchise. Downtown Yoga & Pilates is a place where you can set aside your ‘professional’ persona and the cares that go with it, and just be. You’re no longer a manager, lawyer or student, but just a person wandering around in bare feet, with everyone else.

The spaces are simple, minimalist and flooded with light. Both are located in gorgeous 19th century buildings, with wooden floors, high ceilings and exposed brickwork, radiating space, light, charm and character.

The process of booking a class is seamless and uncomplicated, incorporating technology and systems in a way that strives to make them invisible. You can reschedule, cancel or wait-list classes and purchase credits all from your phone.

At Downtown Yoga & Pilates you’ll enjoy some of Melbourne’s most fun, effective and popular Group Reformer, yoga and functional fitness classes, designed to tone, balance and stretch your whole body. Every class is a unique and engaging journey, and each instructor favours a different music style – from 70s funk through to dance music and traditional Chinese harp.

As enjoyable and rewarding as the group classes are, Downtown Yoga & Pilates’ true expertise shines brightest in Small Group and Clinical Pilates. You’ll feel the difference from a truly individualised approach in your weekly Small Group Pilates session, where you’ll work on a tailored program to address your individual imbalances, aches, pains or injuries.

Small Group and Clinical Pilates are the heart of Downtown Yoga & Pilates technical expertise, and where they are leading and shaping the industry as educators, certifying more than 100 instructors each year.

A lovely way to round out your week at Downtown Yoga & Pilates is with a Mobility and Release class, a session of expertly guided self-massage and gentle stretching that can leave you mentally and physically relaxed as you float out the door.

At Downtown Yoga & Pilates, your every exercise need is looked after. Between specialist classes, expert staff and easy booking systems, you’ll be finding excuses to come back time and time again.

289 Little Collins St, Melbourne


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289 Little Collins Street, Melbourne


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