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Become acquainted with your green thumb and bring nature back into your garden with Do It on the Roof – the garden specialists who create beautiful, wild and ecologically rich green roofs and gardens.

As CEO, Shelley Meagher is bringing nature back into our homes, one green roof at a time. With a doctorate from Oxford University, in 2012 Shelley received an Asia Pacific Creative Innovation scholarship as an emerging leader in Australia’s young green infrastructure sector. Shelley founded Do

It on the Roof with a friend earlier that same year as a campaign to create more green roofs in Melbourne. Its mission? To bring nature back to our cities. Today, Do It on the Roof is working in every part of the green infrastructure sector – design and construction, fusion gardening, maintenance and community engagement.

With our cities growing larger, and our backyards and balconies getting smaller, having a garden can be difficult. While there may not be much space on the ground, there’s plenty more when you look up, and that’s where the team at Do It on the Roof comes in.

Do It on the Roof designs and manages green roofs and wall projects across Australia, catering to local conditions and tailoring their projects to each client. They believe that the greatest benefits that come from a garden are achieved by creating a rich and healthy ecology. That’s why their horticultural team is directed by Trevor Edwards, who brings more than 30 years experience and a passion for native plants to every project.

Trevor takes a holistic approach to gardening, which looks not just at the individual plants that make up a garden but also at the ecology that exists within the surrounding area. Working alongside horticulturalists, architects, designers and engineers, Trevor works to infuse each garden with beauty and ecology, wherever it grows.

Do It on the Roof’s hard work goes beyond the physical labour. The team also runs hands-on events, short courses and workshops for schools, businesses and groups. Whether it’s pop-up parks and pallet garden workshops or school incursions that teach students about energy and biodiversity, Do It on the Roof are here to spread the green message.

From fusion gardening to green roof and wall design and construction, to maintenance, Do It on the Roof can help you achieve your dream garden.

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Level 3, 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne


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