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Pedal your way to Richmond and strap yourself onto a bike at Cycle Collective. The performance-based indoor cycle studio offers a range of on- and off-bike group fitness classes where riders are encouraged to improve their performance and reach personal targets.

Chris Sinclair, Adam Pearson and Guy Taylor opened Cycle Collective in early 2015. Chris brought a background in corporate health to the table, while Adam’s experience as an indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer placed him in the perfect spot to develop the studio. Guy’s knowledge in property development and design was integral to creating the space. The squad brings together like-minded people who are motivated to improve, increase or maintain their fitness, and share their passion for training in a group environment.

Before taking over the studio, the space was a vacant two-storey brick warehouse. The team set out to create an aspirational, uplifting workout destination with minimal impact on the existing building. The result: a studio with a reception area, treatment rooms, a weights room and an amphitheatre-style cycle studio.

Cycle Collective is dedicated to providing an indoor experience that allows riders to focus on their performance while also having fun. While everyone is spinning to the same music and completing the same class, each participant works to their ‘zone card’, which allows them to achieve their own personal best. So whether the end goal is improving fitness, losing weight, increasing energy or maintaining personal performance, you can work at your own level but still participate as a group, creating a community around the exercise.

This community vibe continues outside the class, with a welcoming atmosphere pervading the studio. Visitors are known to create training groups with fellow riders, uniting in their common love of the bike. Chris, Adam and Guy have also worked to foster relationships with local businesses in the area, ensuring that their shared love of Richmond becomes a strong community.

The timetable is diverse and has classes suited to all fitness levels. Head to a blue class and receive an introduction to the Cycle Collective way, or a yellow class to increase your aerobic endurance. A red class will help you to increase your strength and endurance, and green will assist you with increasing your power and speed. Ditch the bike altogether and head to a black or pink class, where you can increase your strength, and learn how to lift properly and safely.

On any given day, you may find yourself training next to an elite athlete – many Melbourne-based sportspeople are known to make a visit. Includiung AFL umpires and the Victorian Bushrangers cricket team.

Cycle Collective’s holistic approach to indoor cycling means there’s no part of your body left untrained. The welcoming community and fantastic facilities make it the perfect place to pedal your way to cycling success.

Locate Cycle Collective

33 Waverley Street, Richmond


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