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When it comes to the perfect tipple, the devil is in the detail. Frustrated by an inability to order a quality cocktail at weddings and functions, Matt Roberts and his business partner Jye concluded that the cocktail game was about to change, one event at a time.

Matt and Jye are the definition of booze buffs. Matt started his career under Matthew Bax at Der Raum and Bar Americano, before moving onto Lygon Street’s Heartattack and Vine, where he has just released a new cocktail list. Jye started in beer, working for Little Creatures in Perth and Melbourne before moving onto gin and taking on an ambassador role for English distillery, Sipsmith. These days, he has returned to his former love, acting as an ambassador for Collingwood brewery, Stomping Ground

Established in 2016, By The Glass was the duo’s solution to crafting, mixing and serving bar-quality cocktails in a mobile setting. They began with weddings, working with the soon-to-be newlyweds to understand exactly what they’d like in a wedding cocktail. Every element from the music, florals, venue and colours of the food and surroundings inform the styling of the drinks, from garnish to glass, making every drink unique.

By The Glass has been well received by cocktail guzzlers around Melbourne, and has extended beyond weddings to cater for a wider array of events. For those wishing to brush up on their bartending skills, they have also introduced cocktail masterclasses.

Matt and Jye’s conscious cocktail bartending stresses the vital role that drinks play in setting the vibe for an event, thus how important it is to have memorable, and of course, mouth-watering tipples on offer. After all, a cocktail done right is the cherry on top of a perfect evening.

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