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Enter a deep restorative state at Beyond Rest, where you will be able to shut the door on stress and anxiety and walk out with your mind and body feeling light as a feather.

Known as a temple of relaxation, this floatation therapy centre creates an all-encompassing experience from the moment you walk through the door. The unique, sacred geometry design has the ability to calm your body and mind before you begin your float session.

Founders, Nick and Ben Dunin, have overcome many personal challenges to reach a state of purposeful living. With extensive experience in business and the online industry, Nick came to the realisation that his previous endeavours had no real meaning. Upon meeting a man who operated on a higher level of consciousness due to a ‘daily float’, the brothers began looking into floating. Ditching the alpha male bravados and becoming more in tune with what their bodies felt, Nick and Ben now help others to reconnect to their true selves through floating.

To do this, they use the Rolls Royce of float tank technology, called the I-Sopod. Designed by a team in London with 22 years experience, it’s the size of a small car. Stepping into the pod involves entering a pool of water filled with 600kg of magnesium-based Epsom salts that are heated to your skin temperature.

When the lights are dimmed and the music subsides, your body’s external senses are put into a much slower gear, which some studies have said can have an extremely positive effect on the mind. Entering the pod allows you to deeply relax assisting your ability to enter a meditative state.

Some clients have found they enjoy a deep night’s sleep afterwards, which consequently improves anxiety levels. Floating also allows your body to relax using the Epsom salts.

Architecturally designed with the idea of sacred geometry in mind, Beyond Rest’s design derives forms, patterns and proportion systems from nature. The custom-made light fittings, cyclical nature of the pod rooms and the shape of the pod itself all elevate the spatial experience, adding to the mental state you achieve through floating.

From athletes looking for a good night’s sleep and clarity of mind pre-game, to pregnant woman vying for relief from back pain, and wellness warriors keen to expand their overall wellbeing, the pods at Beyond Rest will provide relief to everyone who walks through the door. For those based on the west side of the country, there is also another centre in Perth.

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26 Regent Street, Prahran


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