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Focussing on service and results, 5th Element Wellness is a one-stop shop for those seeking a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing. Living in an increasingly health-conscious society, people are beginning to recognise the benefits of yoga, strength training, clean eating, gut health and stress management.

But with the typical intervention of everyday life, it can be difficult to achieve one of these let alone coordinate all five. 5th Element Wellness founders, David O’Brien and Matthew Hoo, focus on personal service to achieve desired outcomes in each of these areas.

Matthew comes from a business and operations background within the fitness industry, while David is a highly regarded and experienced personal trainer and wellness coach. They formed the perfect partnership, deciding they wanted to do something different to everyone else.

The 5th Element Wellness group operates in a beautiful, old warehouse – starkly different to the confining walls of a musty gym. The duo streamlines the healthy living process, creating personalised and synergised programs that ensure members can achieve their wellbeing goals. The space includes state of the art facilities, with a yoga studio, strength and conditioning equipment, an infrared sauna and a bouldering wall.

They also sought to cap the number of members joining, preventing overcrowding and ensuring ongoing personalised care. Many gyms of similar size may recruit up to 2000 members but 5th Element Wellness seeks just 400. One reason for this is the allocation of a personal trainer and wellness coach to each and every member. This means you meet up each week to discuss goals, nutrition and wellbeing, as well as a 60-minute personal training session.

To ensure constant progress, members also have their body fat and muscle mass assessed every four weeks to closely monitor their progress and restrategise their wellness and exercise plan.

After sweating it out in any of the spaces at the studio, members can wash away the telltale signs of a hard workout in beautiful change rooms. Showers use filtered water and organic toiletries are provided. There is also a juice bar, where members can indulge in a paleo coffee, using organic coffee beans and almond milk, or a healthy superfood shake to recharge. Simply choose a protein flavour and they’ll add chia seeds, raw cacao, I-glutamine, maca and a dash of cinnamon.

When you’re done, why not take a moment to sip on your coffee or shake and browse the 5th Element Wellness library. Providing resources for members to increase their knowledge, the library stocks books and magazines on exercise, nutrition and general wellbeing.

In recognising and addressing the five pillars of healthy living, The 5th Element Wellness team has done all the hard work for you. You won’t need to look anywhere else for your health and wellbeing needs.

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79 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North


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