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5th Element Wellness is a one-stop-shop for those seeking a completely holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing. Living in an increasingly health-conscious society, people are beginning to recognise the benefits of integrating yoga, strength training, clean eating, gut health and stress management.

Although, with the typical intervention of everyday life, it can be difficult to achieve one of these let alone coordinate all five. 5th Element Wellness focuses on an individualised approach to match their clients’ ambitions, safely and optimally in each of these areas.

5th Element Wellness operates in a beautiful, old warehouse – starkly different to the confining walls of a musty, clinical gym. The team of holistic health coaches streamlines the five elements, creating a uniquely personalised and synergised pathway that ensures every member can achieve their wellbeing ambitions and goals. The comprehensive space includes state of the art facilities with a yoga studio, world-class strength and conditioning equipment, an infrared sauna and a bouldering wall. 5th Element Wellness is also home to incredibly varied and unique classes including, Strongman, Gymnastic Strength, Primal Burn and many more.

The path to optimal health is different for every single person, co-founder, Dave O’Brien leads the fitness industry through innovation by advocating the importance of going deeper than treating a muscle niggle or serious health ailment by symptom, and investigating what exactly is the root cause at a cellular level.

With his extensive experience and proficiency, Dave has helped transform hundreds of lives within the health & wellness world transcend through prescribed biological limitations through his optimal health pathways, The Gut Repair and highly regarded Blood Analysis services.

5EW whole-heartedly upholds authentic relationships between coaches and clients and creates dedicated time between the two to keep aligned with goals, nutrition, health and wellbeing with a weekly personal training session, as well as a monthly follow-up to ensure constant progress. The follow-up acts as an ambition driver and goals check-in, as coaches discuss current performance and optimisation across lifestyle, sleep, hormone health, exercise programming as well as measuring body fat and muscle mass metrics.

After sweating it out in any of the spaces and classes at the studio, members can wash away the telltale signs of a hard workout in beautiful change rooms. Showers use filtered water and organic toiletries are provided. There is also a fuel bar, where members can indulge in a buttery shotgun coffee, or a healthy superfood shake to recharge. Simply choose a protein flavour and they’ll add chia seeds, raw cacao, I-glutamine, maca and a dash of cinnamon.

When you’re done, why not take a moment to sip on your coffee or shake and browse the 5th Element Wellness library. Providing resources for members to increase their knowledge, the library stocks books and magazines on exercise, nutrition and general wellbeing.

In recognising and addressing the five pillars of healthy living, The 5th Element Wellness team has done all the hard work for you. You won’t need to look anywhere else for your health and wellbeing needs.

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79 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North


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