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Zumbo is responsible for Melbourne’s hankering sweet tooth. And the face behind this sugar rush is Adriano Zumbo, a country boy who has made his mark as one of Australia’s most celebrated pastry chefs.

Adriano’s first sweet experience was hijacking lollies and cake mix from his parent’s supermarket in Coonamble. Starting as a chef’s apprentice at 15, Zumbo’s kingdom boomed in 2007 with the opening of his first store. He now has seven successful stores throughout New South Wales and Victoria.

The mirror-clad store in South Yarra is Zumbo’s first venture in Victoria. Fit out with pink neon signage, the modern interior catches the eye of any passerby. And who could resist what is on offer inside the glass cabinets.

You can’t go past his infamous Zonuts – a blissful marriage of crispy, deep fried donut joined with buttery, flakey croissant. But Zumbo doesn’t make just any old hybrids, the Zonut is a mouthful in itself, but not so much as the whacky yet delicious combinations his team whip up each week. From Apple Pie Sundae – filled with a refreshing apple compote, topped with a caramelised cinnamon whipped ganache and drizzled with chocolate sauce, apple gel and sable biscuit crumbs to a Snickers Zonut topped with caramel peanut whipped ganache, salted caramel, toasted peanuts and milk chocolate shards. Need we say more?

Zumbo is also renowned for its chewy macarons, as well as another crazy hybrid, the Chouxmaca – a combination of macaron and choux bun that are lovingly injected with curd, fruit gel, and often Chantilly cream. Zumbo’s Chouxmaca creations have included salted butter popcorn choc top, and toffee apple. Whatever the flavour, you’ll certainly be yelling for more. What’s more, a range of delectable ice-cream flavours has also recently been added to the line up.

If you don’t garner a sweet tooth, don’t worry, Zumbo also offers artisan pies, sausage rolls and quiches.

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14 Claremont St, South Yarra VIC


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