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The team at Zest Specialty Coffee are no strangers to flavour, or creating a buzz around the foodie scene. The name, ‘zest’, denotes energy, passion and flavour – three elements that marked the business from the very start.

Zest approaches coffee as a combination of art and science, manipulating and sculpting the raw coffee materials in a quest to design exceptional coffee experiences, rather than just roast coffee. Their range of Espressist blends and microlots showcase the full fruits of this progressive and artistic approach.

Leading the Zest team are brothers Anton and Rod Greenfield. Having established the business in 2008, they aim to make what can be a complex coffee experience approachable for everyone.

In 2015 they were the only coffee company to have a stand at the Taste of Melbourne Festival, welcoming foodies into their world of flavour profiling. At the 2016 Melbourne International Coffee Festival (MICE) they treated their followers to a ‘Flight Of Flavour’ experience, offering guests a selection of filter brewed microlots from across the globe in a true flavour journey. They continued the idea of a flavour journey at MICE in 2017, where they paired gourmet desserts with three of their most delectable blends.

The Zest team culture is defined by a commitment to education. Sharing their knowledge with all their customers, the team at Zest follows the mantra ‘education brews appreciation’. In this vein, they are constantly evolving, working to design flavourful coffees and build supportive relationships with their customers.

Creative director, Rob McDonald, is an indispensable part of Zest’s operation. Starting with relationships with farmers and importers, and moving into roasting, cupping and the quality lab, and finally to the communications front – whether on paper or in person, Rob discovers, designs and dispenses the true value of a Zest coffee.

Zest’s Champion Roaster, James Craig, comes highly commended by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). CQIis a non-profit organisation, aimed at improving the quality of coffee around the world, and helping better the lives of those who produce it. When he’s not roasting award-winning coffee, James spends his time travelling to top coffee growing regions where he’s either judging or teaching farmers valuable cupping and processing skills.

Together, Rob, Anton, Rod and James cultivate an awareness of the essential relationships that exist in the coffee world – valuing the healthy interconnectedness between the growers, roasters, baristas and drinkers that make up the coffee supply chain. This is reflected in their social initiatives, such as their PNG Coffee Project, as well as their work with the Permata Gayo Cooperative in Aceh, Sumatra. These initiatives provide support and education in the form of cupping and roasting techniques to local producers and farm workers.

The Zest team has an unflinching passion for their craft; they aim to make ‘raving fans’ from every cup of Zest consumed. If Zest has one overarching goal, it is to expose all Australians to every great flavour and potential joy hidden inside an exceptional cup of coffee.

Locate Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters

49-51 Enterprise Ave, Berwick, Victoria, Australia


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