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  • Specialty Coffee

In the backstreets of Collingwood sits an unassuming and understated micro-roastery, espresso bar and cafe where coffee is king.

Yorkshire Brewhouse was established in 2016 by entrepreneur and hospitality guru, Phil Gijsbers and the Brewsville Group. Phil was attracted to the space that once housed Yorkshire Brewing thanks to the sheer magnitude and beauty of the building, as well as its rich history.

There is arguably no one better to take on such a delicate historical project than Melbourne’s Brewsville Group. With seven cafes now established across Melbourne, as well as one in New York City, the group continues to go from strength to strength. Phil and the team have endeavoured to keep as much of the venue as possible in its original condition – having simply swapped from brewing beer to brewing coffee.

Yorkshire Brewhouse is managed almost singlehandedly by Elliot Chandler, who is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about coffee, particularly single origin varieties. You will generally find Elliot behind the impressive Slayer Steam machine, churning espresso out to the masses.

Elliot operates the cafe like a specialty coffee cart where customers can sample different brews and variations of coffee from across the world. The house blend, a custom blend by Three Days Roasting, is Elliot’s weapon of choice when it comes to the Slayer, but he also offers single origin for those looking to branch out a little.

A selection of alternative brews – think pour over, French press and cold brew – are the ultimate way to get the most out of the MAKER Fine Coffee single origins on offer. The cold brew is especially intriguing, with the coffee immersed in water for 20 hours before being consumed.

The focus at Yorkshire Brewhouse really is on coffee – while there is food available, the menu is designed to be relatively simple and accessible. Freshly prepared toasties, brunches and homemade soup are all on offer at different times of year, depending on what’s seasonal and available.

While the space is compact – there are only 14 seats – there is a beautiful outdoor area decorated with plants and interesting artwork, ensuring it is just as charming as the historic indoor.

From large-scale brewery to exciting specialty cafe, Collingwood’s Yorkshire brew tower has seen it all. Offering curated coffee and simple fare, the space is a charming slice of history that now sits firmly in the 21st century.

Locate Yorkshire Brewhouse

2 Mansard Ln, Collingwood


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