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Situated amongst a cluster of quirky cafes and cosmopolitan eateries on Hardware Street, White Mojo Specialty Coffee Roaster is a bastion of hope for all those searching for something beyond your standard avo on toast. Guided by the principle of thinking outside the box, it presents a unique brunch menu alongside hand roasted specialty coffee, guaranteed to lift your spirits any morning of the week.

After completing his studies in commerce, Founder and Head Barista, Ben Luo, soon embraced his growing passion for coffee, training in a number of cafes before branching out to open his own. He opened the Hardware Street location and the White Mojo Specialty Coffee Roaster concept was so popular that within six months, Ben opened a second outpost in Balwyn.

When you consider the lengths Ben goes to for the perfect coffee, it’s no wonder he left commerce to pursue his passion. To ensure only the highest standard of beans make it to the grinders, he sources and then hand-roasts beans in an off-site roaster. White Mojo’s house blend is created with a combination of beans from Sumatra, using 75% fully natural and 25% wet-hulled estate.

Using a designated grinder for both milk and black coffee, his team tailors each beverage to create an ultimate balance of sweetness and texture. While the CBD outlet focuses solely on the perfect espresso, you can find more variation at the Balwyn cafe with AeroPress, cold brew and cold drip all on offer.

Alongside classic coffee options, White Mojo Specialty Coffee Roaster offers a range of alternative lattes to suit even the fussiest of tastebuds. The unique black latte combines soy, sesame, peanut and almond to create a jet-black brew, while the bright green of the matcha latte, sourced from Uji in Japan, will stand out against your white tabletop.

White Mojo Specialty Coffee Roaster’s dishes are known for left-of-centre flavour combinations and their theatrical presentations. Take, for example, the notorious soft-shell crab croissant burger: overflowing with pickled cucumber, chipotle mayo, smoked eel, fried eggs and chorizo dust, it’s the brunch dish dreams are made of.

The white marble and light timber interiors are light and bright, with tessellating hexagons creating a feature behind the coffee counter and over the tabletops. Sepia-toned skull illustrations, made using coffee ink, frame the main wall and pretty pastries and donuts leap out from the display case.

White Mojo Specialty Coffee Roaster is shaking up the cafe world, keeping things fun and fresh with a new approach. The team delivers quality coffee and mouth-watering flavours in an ever-convenient location – we can’t wait to see what they do next.

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115 Hardware St, Melbourne


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