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Tyranny of Distance is named after the book by Geoffrey Blainey (The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia's History), which entails the strength and independence of Australian people and our ability to develop our own thoughts, without excessive influence from close neighbours.

‘Tyranny of distance’ is a term originally coined by Matthew Flinders, whilst referring to Australia’s proximity to Europe. This venue’s removal from the hustle and bustle of Chapel Street’s Windsor end allows it to provide an environment that sets it apart from any other venue in this area. Its eclectic decor and staff bring a matching clientele. Owners, Carlo Colosimo and George Loukas, started the business in late 2008 and have since acquired quite the following.

This place is great for a drink, or to come in for some of their delicious kitchen fare. The slow cooked lamb shoulder wrap is to die for. It’s a perfect meeting place for a nightly drink or extended lunch.

The Tyranny Burger is their biggest seller, and there is no question why – it’s a delicious fresh flavoured burger, served on a soft sourdough bun with lettuce, bacon, smokey cheese and mayo. Make sure you chuck the pickles on the side in your burger, spread some of the paprika aioli to add some extra kick and a smattering of relish. It comes with a side of crispy potato quarters that are the perfect side to this fresh burger. It will not leave you feeling sluggish, but rather more satisfied and intrinsically happy about all of the choices you have made leading up to this point in your life. Not to mention you are probably sitting at Tyranny with amazing company having a relaxing drink, so right about now, you feel like it all makes sense.

The buns and meat are both sourced from local suppliers and strengthen the ‘tyranny of distance’ aspect to the venue by developing their own love and emotions to apply to their burger. Spend some time admiring the decor, designs and contributions from artists, jewellers and sculptures, who have tailored their ideas around a Bauhaus concept using recycled materials. The result is the amazing aesthetic experience that is Tyranny of Distance.

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147 Union Street, Windsor, VIC


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