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Putting a fancy twist on a much-loved classic seems to be quite the trend these days. Much like the development of the cronut, its close cousin the cruffin and those decadently loaded fries that attract the masses, the humble meat pie is now having a bit of a moment, all thanks to The Pie Shop.

The treats produced in this Brunswick East bakery are far from the standard Four’n Twenty topped with a squirt of tomato sauce. This pastry-filled paradise instead offers a collection of both savoury and sweet pies that will leave your nose wrinkling and tastebuds tingling.

But just who is driving this pie renaissance? That would be Brunswick East’s favourite son, Matt Wilkinson and his mate, Steve Rogers (ex-Circa and Movida). The crafty duo have created a menu chock-a-block of savoury and sweet flavours that pay tribute to both Matt’s British background and Steve’s Aussie one.

Each savoury pie is named after the classic Aussie bloke (and one Sheila). The Allen would perhaps be the most recognizable to pie aficionados, stuffed with Warialda beef and vegetables. However, from there, the fillings go a little left of centre – the Daryl holds curried turkey; the Shazza caramelized onion, cauliflower and cheese, and the Clancy pumpkin, chard and halloumi. However, the strangest combination has to be The Bruce – a so-wrong-its-right combo of pork spaghetti Bolognese with a cheesy lid.

While savoury options are served right off the tray, dessert pies come by the slice, with the classic whipped cream on the side. The fillings change based on what produce is available, but currently include strawberry balsamic and Alphington Rooftop Honey and buttermilk.

For the hungry hippos among us, The Pie Shop also offers deep-fried dim sims, small bags of chips or a cheeky little Mars bar, Snickers or Kit-Kat. All food can be washed down with your choice of a refreshing Splitrock soft drink, heart-warming Yorkshire tea or a reliable cup of St ALI coffee.

Whether you opt for a sweet or savoury bite, eat-in or takeaway, The Pie Shop is sure to bring a smile to your face. After all, who would say no to a humble Aussie pie?

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75 Nicholson St, Brunswick East


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