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At the Grain Store, good food is more than something served on a plate; it is a way of life. Talented trio, Ingo Meissner, Melanie Stolpe and Annika Kreusel, created the Grain Store in 2013 as a place to share their passion for interesting ingredients, innovative cooking techniques and seasonal produce.

The trio’s first venture is inspired by Ingo’s many years of travel and work abroad, something that infuses every aspect of the Grain Store. The space has also been inspired by Melbourne’s history as a hub for merchant boats and riverside trading. Grain was a popular commodity in this time and much of it was stored in locations around the city. The trio wanted a name that would pay homage to Melbourne’s history and the iconic buildings of the past, so they settled on The Grain Store.

Ingo takes the reins as Head Chef, with more than 20 years of culinary experience under his belt. His European-inspired menu uses flavours and techniques that he learnt from kitchens in Switzerland, England, Canada, Bermuda, and of course, Australia. Ingo and his small team of dedicated chefs create fresh, seasonal fare that is constantly evolving and developing.

Ingo is a man of few words but his cooking speaks volumes. His breakfasts are primarily twists on old favourites – there is a chocolate, banana and pecan bread, a bacon and smoked mozzarella bagel and a toasted granola parfait with chia yoghurt, quinoa milk and peanut butter persimmon.

For something a little bit out of the ordinary, try the sweet-corn fritter with avocado, poached eggs, chipotle yoghurt, pumpkin veloute and apple balsamic.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to have stopped by on a weekend, opt for the passionfruit pancakes with poached honey pear, orange chocolate mascarpone, strawberries and meringue.

Lunch sees a range of sandwiches, salads, rolls, and tarts grace the menu. In addition to this daily spread, there are also some bigger meals on offer – think Wagyu beef, lamb shoulder, pork belly and homemade gnocchi. A pumpkin and oregano gnocchi with molten halloumi, brown bu er, kale pesto, hazelnuts and pecorino stands out among the rest.

If you feel like a treat after your main, you won’t be disappointed with a serving of chocolate chip cookies and milk, although be prepared to wait a little while because they are baked to order. The warm, gooey morsels will help you channel your inner Santa Claus at any time of year.

The Grain Store is a welcome refuge from the busyness of Melbourne’s streets. The private dining room is a cosy retreat, while the main dining room o ers high ceilings for a spacious and relaxing visit. The space is softly lit and perfectly warm at all times, providing the perfect place for a relaxed brunch, breakfast meeting or a lunch on your lonesome.

A visit to the Grain Store will warm the cockles of your heart at any time of year. The food is always good, the staff friendly and the experience is overwhelmingly cheerful time and time again.

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