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When creating a cafe, many people place great food and drink at the top of their priority list. For the owners of The Diplomat, Bill Stafilis and Eben Hocking, it was threeway tie, with great food, coffee and service all of the utmost importance. This insistence on the warmest and friendliest staff means locals continually return to The Diplomat to enjoy tasty brunch options, specialty coffee and a huge smile.

After working together, Bill and Eben realised they shared a similar vision for the type of cafe they wanted to open one day: somewhere that served the community with care, and where all types of people could catch up, relax and enjoy great coffee and food. Growing up in Highett, Eben was particularly familiar with the area and he knew that the suburb yearned for this type of cafe.

After owning a number of venues and working as a barista for more than 20 years, Bill is well acquainted with the ins and outs of the coffee world. He shares the role of Head Barista with Jack Chau, who not only assists Bill when it comes to purchasing coffee but also helps train other staff members.

Brunswick’s Padre Coffee supplies the house blend, Daddy’s Girl. Sweet and simple, the blend has a mild acidity, full body and notes of mellow caramel and sweet milk chocolate. It usually consists of beans from Colombia and India, which unite to present a beautifully balanced latte.

When it comes to black coffee, The Diplomat has a few more options. A blend from Omar and the Marvellous Coffee Bird has proven to be a popular option but Mansfield Coffee Merchants, Cartel Roasters, Wide Open Road and MAKER have all been known to make an appearance. For something a little different you can also try the cold drip or the cold-brewed chai tea.

Located on Railway Parade, the cafe is just a hop, skip and jump across the road from the station, making for an easy coffee fix on your way to work. If you have some time, take a seat at one of the tables for breakfast or lunch. Start your day with porridge served with Peychaud-poached pear, pistachio and almond crumble. If it’s later in the day, indulge in the ‘Dirty Chook’ – a roll filled with buffalo chicken and coleslaw with a blue cheese sauce. In true diplomatic form, you’ll find plenty of options catering for dietary requirements like gluten intolerance.

The Diplomat’s community involvement also goes beyond supplying a smile with every coffee. Bill, Eben and the team also support most of Highett’s local schools and a number of charities.

The Diplomat caters for the community through a supply of delicious coffee, carefully crafted dishes and some of the warmest staff in the area. Join their tribe for a brunch experience you’ll return to time and time again.

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4 Railway Parade, Highett, Victoria, Australia


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