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From the team behind Melbourne coffee roasters Wide Open Road comes a new kind of cafe – Terror Twilight, set to complement existing offerings on Collingwood’s diverse Johnson Street.

Terror Twilight is not just about just great tasting food and excellent coffee; the funky cafe is focused on providing healthy meals and improving the wellbeing of its customers. Nourishing fare, created from locally sourced, fresh produce is found throughout the simple menu, which has been created by Wide Open Road Head Chef Pia Hambour.

Pia is passionate about using healthy produce and cooking it in a way that enhances the unique flavour of each ingredient, while maintaining their natural health benefits. Expect to find a complete breakfast and lunch offering, including a series of bowls and broth-based meals, all of which are high in flavour and nutritional value.

Melbourne brunch fanatics can sleep soundly knowing classics like smashed avo with poached eggs also appear on the menu.

In addition to the nutritious fare, a full coffee menu has been curated by Wide Open Coffee Roasters, who are dedicated to the ethical sourcing and provision of delicious coffee. Customers are also able to upgrade their caffeinated beverages with a selection of nootropic supplements and natural health-boosters like chaga mushroom and cordyceps.

Terror Twilight isn’t simply a gimmick, and they not going through a phase. The entire staff is dedicated to healthy and sustainable lifestyles and participate in a selection of creative and athletic endeavours outside of work, so they wanted their venue to reflect these values. This means everything on the menu has a purpose – dishes are not chosen simply because they fit the health food label.

The venue is managed by hospitality veteran Kieran Spiteri, who has spent time working at venues across Melbourne – think Taxi Dining Room, St Crispin and Two Birds One Stone. You can expect a staff who know what they are doing.

Terror Twilight is located in what was previously Bedford Street, but the space has seen a complete makeover, complete with timber furnishings and industrial metal accents.

Wide Open Road founder, Jono Hill said “It’s been a real team effort, the crew have managed to not only keep Wide Open Road Coffee Roasters running, but also find the time and energy to launch a new venue, basically from scratch. We’ve built a solid operating crew, written the menu and come up with a concept that we’re really proud of.”

Locate Terror Twilight

11-13 Johnston Street, Collingwood VIC


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