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When Emily Hazell Arundel couldn’t find a cafe that offered more than a handful of healthy options, she decided to take matters into her own hands and make one.

Serotonin Eatery is an urban sanctuary that provides Melburnians an escape from the everyday, dishing up delicious fare that is guaranteed to have you smiling. The ethos is based around a plant-based diet, which ensures the body, mind and earth all function at their best. However, it’s not the sole element of her happiness centre – a gym and health education facility just next door makes Emily’s approach to wellness a holistic one.

With a vision to becoming one of the world’s leading happiness educational institutions, the team challenges negative behaviours and has created a hub for the community through nutrition, training and education. The entire concept is based on the Serotonin formula, a 12-part guide to natural happiness.

With a background in interior architecture and communication design, the Serotonin space was always going to be unique. Splashes of yellow, the happiest colour of them all, are dotted throughout the space, while gold fittings and natural timbers contribute to a peaceful atmosphere. Emily worked with a lecturer at the University of Melbourne who studied the psychology behind colour in interior design, so even the paint colours and brush strokes are mood stabilising! As impressive as this is, the piece de resistance has to be the swings along the windows, facing the park – take a seat on one for a child-like, endorphin- encouraging eating experience.

‘Serotonin Eatery is an urban sanctuary that provides Melburnians an escape from the everyday, dishing up delicious fare that is guaranteed to have you smiling.’

Emily said that happiness is the secret ingredient on every menu item, with elements chosen with this in mind. An expert kitchen team sources produce from quality farmers, choosing to cook with organic products wherever possible and avoiding additives. The Head Chef and team ensure every dish utilises produce in its most natural state, and they try to feature every colour of the rainbow on the plate.

Just one glance at the menu will have you salivating. The Positive Pancakes are made by dehydrating organic bananas and grounding them into banana flour, which are served with a vegan, house-made banana ‘nice-cream’, berries and Serotonin hung yoghurt balls covered in roasted almond and organic agave. If savoury flavours make you smile, order the Nutrition Bomb. It includes a poached egg with broccoli, alkalising greens, sprouts, house-made hummus, cold roast veggies, nuts, seeds and pickled sauerkraut.

The drinks menu is just as delightful, ranging from specialty organic lattes to fresh coconuts and smoothies. Try the cacao coconut latte – a house-made dark hot chocolate with organic raw cacao and grated cacao butter, spun on organic coconut milk – or a sweet green ‘bluice’, complete with kale, lemon, apple, banana and mint.

With such a strong dedication to enhancing our natural happiness, Serotonin is the perfect place to indulge in fare that will have you smiling from the inside out.

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52 Madden Grove, Burnley VIC


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