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Saint Thomas Coffee and Kitchen maintains Church Street’s reputation as a food and drink hub providing quality coffee, an excellent all-day menu and friendly service to all who enter off the bustling street.

Anthony Thomas established Saint Thomas Coffee and Kitchen in mid-2015, with the aim to create a place where the coffee, food and service were consistently outstanding. He found inspiration for the cafe’s name in his own, paying homage to 25 generations of Thomas family ancestors who came before him.

In his quest for excellence, Anthony’s first step was sourcing the finest beans and an expert to manipulate them. He found beans from dc Specialty Coffee Roasters and a Head Barista in Fabian Prestia, formerly of Brunetti in Carlton. Fabian is incredibly experienced in the art of espresso and expertly works a La Marzocco machine to create whatever customers desire.

In creating his masterpieces, Fabian’s main material is dc’s B-Side blend. A careful combination of beans from Colombia, Guatemala and Brazil, the incredibly smooth blend offers flavours of cacao, brown sugar and nectarine. Many Saint Thomas customers are traditionalists at heart and the mild flavour and creamy body of the B-Side blend makes it perfect for use in a range of classic coffees.

The next step in the pursuit of quality was to find chefs who could deliver a fantastic menu, day in, day out. Anthony found his solution in not one, but two French chefs – Head Chef, Axel Leroux and Sous Chef, Jon Jenner. Together, the pair execute a modern Australian menu of breakfast, brunch and lunch offerings with a deliberate, distinctive and sophisticated French twist, changing on a seasonal basis.

Stop by for a mid-week pick me up and try a toastie stuffed with chicken and avocado, or pulled pork and salad. When the weekend comes around, choose from dishes like the mixed mushrooms – poached eggs, kale, parmesan, creamy mushroom drops, almond flakes, black truffle oil and hash browns with a comte cheese centre, or the Big Tom, with kransky sausage, fried eggs, confit tomatoes, cheesy hash browns and bacon, served on chargrilled sourdough.

If you can’t stay for a meal, grab a take away and a pastry to go. The pastry cabinet is filled to the brim with cronuts, croissants, muffins, cookies, brownies and more, making it a treasure trove of flaky, sugary goodness. Don’t miss trying one of the house-made coconut chia puddings  – choose from berry, mango and banana, granola, tiramisu or lemon curd.

The team at Saint Thomas is dedicated to bringing the best coffee, food and service to customers during every visit. Located in one of the most animated pockets of Melbourne’s inner east, this casual yet serious cafe continues to maintain Church Street’s strong reputation as a food and coffee mecca.

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533 Church St, Richmond


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