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On a bustling corner in Essendon, a former milk bar and artist’s studio holds a cosy cafe with a name as sweet as it sounds. Rosemilk Food Store has become a community staple since opening its doors in late 2016, delivering an experience that’s sure to set you up for a successful day. 

Owners, Rosie and Harry Tsiukardanis, are well accustomed to the fast pace of hospitality life, having spent 25 years serving up authentic Greek cuisine at their Melbourne restaurants, Alpha Ouzeri and Philhellene. It is here that they learned to love coffee, devouring several cups a day to keep their late-night fatigue at bay.

Rosemilk is very much a family oriented business with Rosie working front of house, Harry handling the kitchen and a duo of baristas overseeing each and every coffee. Rosie and Harry’s choice to serve Campos Coffee comes down to their deep connection with the Campos team, instantly being welcomed as part of the family. Having been regulars at the Campos cafe in Carlton, they knew how delicious the Superior Blend was, with its notes of sweet red fruit, caramel and chocolate. Therefore, when it came to choosing a house blend for Rosemilk, there was only one option.

You’ll also spot rotating single origins from Campos on offer, which keeps things interesting for customers. Past options have included the Costa Rica Sangre de Toro with sweet red berries, honey, vanilla and hints of blood orange acidity, and the Colombia Huila Del Monte, which has strong toffee notes with undertones of roasted nuts and fruity flavours. As well as traditional coffee favourites, cold drip and filter coffee are also on offer.

If things aren’t too crazy, Harry might even bring his kitchen creations straight to your table. It is here that you can truly see the magic that goes into every dish. Everything from the lemon curd to the dried fruits are made on-site and by hand to ensure only the highest quality dishes reach your plate. Judging by the immaculate presentation and decadent flavours of each and every meal, you’ll want to try more than one item on the menu.

Dishes change regularly, but could include anything from potato croquettes with sweet corn puree, spinach, poached eggs and chorizo, to an ancient grain salad with avocado, kale, goat’s cheese, pomegranate and poached eggs.

Rosie and Harry designed Rosemilk Food Store as a homely place where customers will feel like they can relax. With personal service, great coffee and restaurant-quality food, it’s sure to be your new home away from home.

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32 Albion St, Essendon


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