Having toured Africa, Peru and the Solomon Islands learning all there is to know about the world’s cocoa trade, it is no surprise that Debbie Makin has developed quite the passion for chocolate. Her passions led her recently to open a bean to bar chocolate company on Brunswick’s Sydney Road.

Ratio Cocoa Roasters sources the world’s best single origin cacao and back at Ratio HQ, Debbie and her team of chocolate aficionados use traditional chocolate making techniques to create individually flavoured small batch, hand crafted chocolate bars.

Ratio’s chocolates all begin with a base of either dark or milk chocolate. The dark chocolate is a mixture of cocoa nibs and Brazilian organic raw cane sugar and the milk adds Australian whole milk powder and organic Peruvian cocoa butter to this. These ingredients are processed in stone grinders for at least 72 hours, turning them into silky smooth liquid chocolate. From here, it is then blocked, aged and tempered before it is poured into moulds and then wrapped.

At the Ratio Brunswick HQ you can even step behind the glass and take a tour. See and taste the delicious goodies that Debbie and her team create and sip on a delicious, decadent peanut butter shake or hot chocolate as you venture through the hallowed halls of Ratio Cocoa Roasters.

Locate Ratio Cocoa

186 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC


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