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It’s a testament to coffee that this humble drink can inspire so many, drawing together opposite corners of the world with the goal to get the best out of these little beans. Profile Coffee Roasters was born from this idea – to communicate the complexity involved in creating honest relationships between the farmer, roaster and barista. Relationships that are imperative in turning a cherry farmed in Africa or South America into a delicious flat white in Australia.

Founder and Head Roaster, Zach Oakes, has a clear vision of what Profile is: a transparent and approachable link between origin and cafe. Although the complexities of coffee are endless, Zach believes they are the backbone of creating meaningful and exciting conversations. “The belief at Profile is you get the most out of coffee by talking about it. Having a close connection to the product keeps us informed, engaged and never short of a word”, he said.

Cutting his teeth at specialty coffee mainstays ST ALi and Campos Coffee, Zach instantly felt an affinity with the young, vibrant coffee industry. Developing his skills and gaining an understanding of the intricacies involved in sourcing, roasting and brewing, he realised that in order to fully inject his own passion and philosophies he’d have to create his own unique brand. In early 2016, ready to go out on his own, he bought his first roaster, a 1970s Probat, tricked it up with modern technology, set up shop in a warehouse in Footscray and Profile was born.

In an industry where the key to good coffee is good relationships, Profile is the link between grower and barista. The idea of a short feedback loop is key: by minimising the number of hands that coffee passes through from crop to cup, these relationships are made stronger. Working collaboratively with the farmer and barista, Profile enables each to have a better connection and understanding of their effect on the final product.

Profile maintains a limited boutique offering, so the coffee menu is streamlined and to the point with two blends: one for black coffee and one for milk coffee, aptly named BLACK, and MILK. There are also select single origins on offer, which are predominantly suited for filter brewers.

With a focus on relationships with small producers, both the blends and the single origins are always seasonal and reflect the best of traceable current crop coffee. Colombia, with its many regions and smallholder farms, is a key component in both blends and regularly features on the single origin list.

Communicating the intricacies of a nuanced product, one that is the sum of the energies of the farmers, roasters and baristas, creates a connection to the cup for all involved; from farmer to drinker. It’s a connection and a brew that’s well worth the money we pay at our local haunt.

Locate Profile Coffee Roasters

1/178 Cowper St, Footscray, Victoria, Australia


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