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Pressed Juices is changing the way Australians think about nutrition, creating cold-pressed juices that retain the integrity of nutrients, nourish your body and are free from additives and preservatives.

Leo Pegoli and Natasha Waters lead a team of qualified nutritionists and kitchen staff behind the juice machines. Upon realising just how much the Australian food market was flooded with processed products, the duo decided to do something about it, creating a range of products to fill the void. In 2013 they opened their first store in Armadale, providing a convenient way of getting your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. Since then they have continued to grow – with more than 22 stores nationwide.

The name perfectly sums up their brand and what they sell – cold-pressed juice! However, as the brand has expanded, it has also added a wide range of nut mylks, smoothies, elixirs and therapeutic tonics to its repertoire, making every store a one-stop shop for your health needs.

Each store is a feast for your senses. Featuring a natural look and a simple design, the space inspires customers to focus on the product and your health. The team prides itself on offering qualified nutritionists with extensive training, who can prepare tonics tailored to your specific needs and help you stay on track with your health goals.

‘The team prides itself on offering qualified nutritionists with extensive training who can prepare tonics tailored to your specific needs and help you stay on track with your health goals.’

Step out of the local supermarket’s juice aisle and into Pressed Juices for a natural dose of the good stuff. The team makes the juices fresh every day using locally sourced produce. South Yarra-based nutritionist, Leah Hunt, is the one to thank for the delicious flavour combinations. She has devised an extensive seasonal menu that features more than 35 combinations of fruit and veggie juices, nut mylks, smoothies, superfood tonics and elixirs.

Go green with the spinach, cucumber, lettuce, celery, kale, parsley, carrot, lemon and ginger. Put a zing in your step with the pineapple, pear, mint and ginger juice, or get down to earth with beetroot, apple, cucumber, celery, blueberry and mint. If you’re after something indulgent, try the banana and salted caramel smoothie with pecan and walnut mylk, banana, chia, dates, mesquite, Himalayan salt and vanilla. Or if you need a healing tonic, try the slippery elm tonic with alkaline water, liquorice root, marshmallow root, chia seeds, slippery elm bark powder and cinnamon.

While it’s at the top of its field, Pressed Juices doesn’t just specialise in drinks. The Elsternwick cafe focusses on dishing up a wholesome meal to accompany your drink, while each store also has a range of sweet and savoury treats that follow the same ethos as the liquid products: healthy, nutritious and tasty.

Pressed Juices features the motto ‘Positively Life Changing’. With such a range of fresh and delicious products on offer, they are sure to positively change your lifestyle.

Locate Pressed Juices

Shop B116, Chadstone Shopping Centre. Locations also at 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone


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