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Nestled between high-rise office buildings and chic apartments on St Kilda Road is Pedro Espresso. The New York–style cafe is a breath of fresh air in the white-collar neighbourhood, bringing specialty coffee and on-trend brunch to those who might otherwise miss out.

Pedro Espresso was established by Phil Gjisbers and the Brewsville Group in 2016. Phil started drinking coffee at the age of 12. Each morning, he would wake up, grab the coffee beans from the freezer – where much to his disgust, his mum stored them – grind them and make French press coffee. Many years later at university, Phil and a mate used their mutual love of coffee to open a cafe.

Since then, Phil has taken Melbourne’s specialty coffee scene by storm, building on a lifelong interest in the blessed bean with From on High, Hard Pressed, Saint James, and another two cafes in the works.

In creating Pedro Espresso, Phil was inspired to combine the speed of New York cafes with the quality of Melbourne’s specialty coffee. He knew the best way to achieve this was by installing a top quality machine – the Slayer Steam. While the same machine is now used across all of Phil’s venues, Pedro was the first cafe in the world to have one installed.

The Slayer Steam is able to cope with large amounts of espresso at a time, making it perfect for Pedro. Manned by a  talented team of baristas, the machine churns out beautiful cups of Pedro’s custom house blend, created by Three Days Roasting. The blend changes seasonally but is often made up of beans from countries like Colombia and Brazil, featuring tasting notes of red apple, dark chocolate and honey.

While the Slayer takes care of Three Days Roasting espresso, a selection of other brewing methods is available for single origin brews. Batch brew, pour over, French press and cold brew are great ways to sample the MAKER Fine Coffee single origin offerings.

If you’re not sure what to sample, have a chat to the very knowledgeable business manager, Ben Gill. Ben has been working with the Brewsville Group for many years and infuses his passion for quality coffee into his role at Pedro.

Make sure you sample one of the fresh and delicious dishes on offer. For a creative twist on a favourite, try the Bugs Bene – a delicious stack of carrot rosti, pulled pork and poached eggs topped with beetroot hollandaise.

Pedro Espresso combines the speed and efficiency of New York cafes with the quality of Melbourne’s specialty coffee. Serving this alongside a selection of beautiful food options, Pedro Espresso is a shining star on the otherwise professional St Kilda Road.

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608 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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