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With wholesome cooking and a bright, friendly atmosphere, you’ll relax the moment you walk into Organica. Nestled away in a quiet spot just off bustling Malvern Road, it’s the perfect spot to tuck into a meal that lives up to its organic name.

Rosy Thoonen knows the difference that fresh, unprocessed food can make for our body and mind. Her life changed direction in her mid-20s: she had been working in a high-pressure job, eating mindlessly, and had barely taken time off in eight years when it all came crashing down. After quitting her job, leaving her relationship and moving to the city, she poured her energy into learning about wellness, with a particular interest in Chinese medicine and the benefits of natural foods and herbs.

When the opportunity arose in 2012 to buy Organica, an established retail and catering store in Prahran, she gave it her all and set out to bring her vision of a fully-fledged organic wholefoods cafe and store to fruition.

Since then Organica has built a loyal following. The integrity of the product shines through in the menu, and staff are more than happy to share their thorough knowledge of the produce. Where possible, everything is organic and free-range and 99% of what appears on your plate is made in-house. There are plenty of delicious options to suit dietary restrictions, including vegan, lactose free and fructose free.

“Where possible, everything is organic and free-range and 99% of what appears on your plate is made in-house.”

Pop by for breakfast and you’ll find a mix of new and old favourites. The vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free coconut chia pudding will put a spring in your step: made with almond flakes, sunflower seeds, pepitas, cinnamon and maple syrup, it’s topped with fresh organic mango, banana and strawberry. Branch out and try the breakfast okonomiyaki with wilted spinach, pickled ginger, wasabi mayo, house-fermented chilli and avocado, topped with a gooey poached free-range egg, or stick to the tried-and-true avo on toast – this one will hit the spot with a topping of goat’s cheese, lemon and a drizzle of balsamic.

For lunch, you’ll be overwhelmed by healthy options. The chicken immunity soup is a year-round bestseller with a flavour-packed broth. The kale, quinoa and feta slice is the perfect lunch on the go, but you can also pick from the day’s homemade salads at the deli counter.

Whatever the time of day, a juice or smoothie is always a good call. Freestyle your own combination of fruit and veggies for a refreshing cold-pressed juice or choose from the day’s smoothie options for a nutrition-packed meal in a glass. Organica is also home to one of the best coffees in Hawksburn village, making it the perfect spot to settle in for coffee and a guilt-free cake.

While you’re there, grab a ready-made meal for dinner and pick up some groceries to get the most out of Organica’s one-stop experience.

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546 Malvern Rd, Prahran VIC


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