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Coffee comes in many forms: espresso, iced, drip and nitro. And now you can enjoy your favourite beverage in yet another form – carbonated.

The magic happens out the back of Maker Fine Coffee in North Street, Richmond, where Troy Smith along with John and Stephanie Vroom create their slightly sparkling creation.

After returning from the United States, Troy was inspired to create carbonated coffee. The first few attempts using a SodaStream did not end well – more coffee ended up on the floor and walls than anywhere else. It took the trio two years to arrive at the final product, which quickly became a hit among family and friends.

As a regular at John and Stephanie’s previous cafe in Kew, Troy approached the pair at Maker Fine Coffee with their idea, and North St was born. After such a journey to arrive at the final product, North St was the perfect name, helping to tell the story of the bubbly brew.

While Troy’s original product was great, John’s extensive knowledge of coffee beans and roasting instantly took North St’s carbonated coffee to another level. John uses single origin coffee from Colombia, which is roasted specifically for North St. The filter roast maintains a full flavour profile with the perfect balance of citric acidity, caramel sweetness and a round body. The trio then adds organic citrus botanicals and a natural unrefined organic sweetener. Finally, the caffeinated mix is infused with carbon dioxide for its distinctive subtle sparkle.

So what does the final product taste like? It’s a difficult drink to describe. Some people like to compare it to a healthy, not too sweet Coke. For others it’s a dark, bubbly coffee with a citrus twist.

If you’re feeling intrigued and want to sample a bottle or two of North St coffee, you can back the project on Kickstarter. Backers of the project will get their hands on the first release of North St’s bottled carbonated coffee and will also be invited to the launch party to meet with Troy, John and Stephanie.

North St Coffee will launch in January 2017. Find out more online or back the Kickstarter.

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Richmond, Victoria, Australia


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