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Noisette Bakery owns the key to your heart; satisfying sweet tooths around Melbourne one buttery croissant at a time. And what better way to someone’s heart than with pastry. Noisette Bakery in Port Melbourne is the answer to your craving for delicious baked goods, offering a selection of both sweet and savoury meals and treats.

Executive Chef and Co-owner Stephane Bordes is the wheels that keep the Noisette vehicle in motion. Stephane completed a pastry and chocolate diploma in 1997, and has spent time working in different boutiques in France and London. After moving to the food capital Melbourne, Stephane worked for Laurent Bakery, before making the switch to Noisette. He has also completed a diploma of education before moving on to teach patisserie at William Angliss in Melbourne. Working alongside some of the best pastry chefs in the world including Stephane LeRoux and Olivier Bajard, Stephane has also been lucky enough to work as a pastry chef at renowned café, Brunetti.

With splashes of yellow, Noisette is a classy, French inspired space with bright lights, chandeliers, elegant mirrors and stunning marble bench tops for the cakes to sit atop.

Everything that graces Noise e has been made from scratch, ready for you to enjoy. The team is conscious of sourcing local produce, with fresh berries from the Yarra Ranges, free-range eggs and an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. After all, fresh is best.

Stephane isn’t a one-man band, working alongside David Menard – a 5th generation baker – to create a menu that is fresh, seasonal and most importantly,

delicious. David’s great-grandfather was baking bread for himself and his neighbours back in 1825 and this passion was passed on, with five generations of pastry chefs in the family. It is this inherent love of baking that inspires everything you’ll see in front of you.

If you’re an early bird, catch the scrambled eggs on ciabatta with spinach and parmesan or if it’s lunch that you’re after, start with a delicious range of the usual bready suspects such as sandwiches, baguettes and burgers.

Now it’s time to move onto the main affair, and your eyes will be goggling as you wander past the display cabinet lined with scrumptious treats that are eagerly waiting to hit your lips. The cakes that grace the cabinet will change with every visit, but you can always expect traditional French cooking to infuse your choices.

You’ll be needing a napkin to wipe the lashings of ganache piped onto the chocolate éclairs to your lips, a spoon to scoop up the crumbs from the orange flourless cake, and your lap to catch the lashings of filling piped into the donuts – regardless of whether you choose vanilla custard, strawberry or chocolate. And all these treats go perfectly with an expertly made cup of coffee.

Noisette also supplies its bread to cafes around Melbourne, so look out for the name and the trail of breadcrumbs. Noisette Bakery is the answer to all your buttery, baked-good prayers. So if you’re craving something sweet, or want to spice up your mundane lunchtime sandwich, Noisette has the all the answers.

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84 Bay St, Port Melbourne, VIC


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