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There really is nothing quite like a hefty scoop of beautiful fluffy, hand churned ice cream. However, a quality smooth and creamy vegan version made with only 100% natural ingredients is an absolute game changer for those looking to indulge themselves in the most guilt free way possible.

The latest addition to Box Hill Central is the ever fabulous and conveniently healthy, Ms Bean. With an entirely vegan offering and a selection of desserts and ice cream to make even the most religious of carnivores do a double take, this place is certainly worth the adventure out east.

Owner and long-time vegan, Cathy Han, has created a menu that is putting a bit of fun back into plant-based eating with her new vegan dessert haven. Having already created a bit of a name for herself with her vegan dumplings and curries, Cathy’s most recent venture looks towards sweeter things made with all natural products, and made properly.

Her silky-smooth ice cream is expertly churned in-store by a machine she ordered specially from Italy. The first of its kind in Australia, this machine pumps out Cathy’s top-secret recipes in an abundance of flavours. Rotating through all of the classics and a few quirkier creations, the Ms Bean menu features fun flavours such as watermelon and black sesame as well as an avocado option. However, for those who are looking for something outside of the realms of ice cream, Ms Bean also offers delicate desserts such as organic sweet jelly tofu, drizzled with your choice of toppings.

To help wash down your goodies, why not try one of Ms Bean’s made-to-order soy drinks. The soy milk is made organically in house that Cathy produces herself and is enjoyed either cold or warm as a little afternoon treat or as a quick breakfast on the way to work.

Sure to be the go-to destination for all sweet toothed vegans in Melbourne’s east, Ms Bean is a welcome addition to Box Hill Central, offering up all you could desire in the way of sweet treats without the added guilt.

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Box Hill Central, 1 Main Street, Box Hill VIC


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