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In the 19th-century nursery rhyme, Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard and found it bare, time and time again. Two centuries later, Melburnians faced with the same conundrum turn not to the bakers, but to Mr Hubbard Cafe & Larder.

Created with the understanding that the modern day Melburnian is not so different to Old Mother Hubbard, Mr Hubbard Cafe & Larder specialises in easy-to-grab food options, cold-pressed juices, smoothies and coffee.

Adam Rosenberg is the man behind the persona. Having spent eight years in real estate, he found long business hours left little time for food preparation or dine-in cafe options. Moreover, he noticed that cafe menus rarely seemed to change. Therefore, he decided to create his own perfect patch of paradise, where a weekly rotating menu would feed the hungry hordes passing by.

No matter your eating preferences, Mr Hubbard has you covered. ‘In the Cupboard’
options include an array of breakfast options, salads, sandwiches and wraps, with choices for all dietary requirements and preferences. If it’s a coffee you’re after, you’ll find Single Origin Roasters sitting in the grinders, ready to be crafted by the expert team of baristas. Loved local, Almond Milk Co, supplies a dairy alternative, meaning there’s no excuse not to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine.

‘Mr Hubbard Cafe & Larder specialises in easy-to-grab food options, cold-pressed juices, smoothies and coffee.’

If you’re more of a matcha maven, order a latte, or go all out with the green smoothie bowl. For something a little larger, try the maca and chia pancake stack, or the breakfast salad with kale, quinoa, avocado, feta, cherry tomatoes and poached eggs. The acai bowl satisfies all your cravings in the healthiest way possible: fresh berries are combined with banana, kiwi fruit and paleo and vegan granola for a delicious start to the day.

When the sun starts to head west, try the detox salad, with broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, kale, parsley, sunflower seeds, pepitas and almonds, and your choice of protein – optionsincludetofu,chicken,salmonortuna.If that doesn’t tickle your tastebuds, sample the Raw Happiness, featuring beetroot, carrot, tarragon, mint, parsley, dill, pepitas and sunflower seeds. Complete the package with your preferred protein and a smoothie – the Fields of Green combines kale, spinach, cucumber, mango, lemon and coconut water.

Time for dessert? Give a RawLove Superfood treat a go – the mint slice will have you wishing there was more to go round. The selection of sugar-free, vegan and gluten- free slices make satisfying your sweet tooth that much easier.

If you’re looking for a bit of variety, something quick and nourishing, or you just don’t want to feel like Old Mother Hubbard gazing into her barren cupboard, head on over to Wattletree Road. Whether you’re dining in or taking away, Mr Hubbard has got you covered.

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117 Wattletree Rd, Malvern VIC


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