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One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our entire attention to eating.à- Luciano Pavarotti

As you step through the doors of Mazzitelli you can’t help but feel you have been transported to your own little slice of Italy. Dried chillies, salamis, garlic, mozzarella, and all manner of small goods adorn the railing that stretches its way around the white marble counter. Another venture to add to the owners, Jason M. Jones and Theo Tsapepas, list of cafés including Porgie + Mr Jones, Friends of Mine, Snow Pony, and Stables of Como. It’s named after an old childhood friend, Louis Mazzitelli, who gave Jason his first insight into the Italian way of life with his family’s homemade pasta and pickled olives from their backyard.

The fast-paced setting of the front of house offers spots to inhabit at the bar, as well as tall standing tables and stools. Or make your way into the back room for a relaxed dining experience, with white table cloths surrounded by dark timber facades and a glut of wine bottles.

Mazzitelli’s kitchen team believes there is one thing you can always taste in food – LOVE. And their coffee is no exception. Pulling seamless shots of espresso using Allpress’ Supremo blend, head barista Mike works the daily grind to achieve the perfect espresso with Italian flare. Allpress’ roasting technology, Air Roasting Technology, has set a new benchmark in the industry, as it is a roaster built by a roaster, who is on a mission to achieve the best tasting coffee.

The Supremo blend is a mix of beans from Papua New Guinea (fully washed), Colombia (fully washed), and Brazil (Natural). Like all coffee, the beans are changed and selected seasonally to ensure a consistent cup profile and quality. The Colombian is a coffee that has been grown exclusively for Allpress, where the team works directly with the growers. All beans are purchased via direct relationships with growers and people managing the farms. To complement your caffe latte or espresso, there is an array of coffee accompaniments including biscotti and house-made pastries.

Mazzitelli has developed its own league of loyalists who come day in day out for their caffeine fix, however it is also a destination place sought out by wandering foodies on a mission, and interstaters coming to try a slice of Melbourne. When most places are shutting up shop for the night, Mazzitelli steps it up a notch serving aperitivos from Tuesday to Saturdays kicking off at 5pm.

Aperitivo, literally meaning to open, is a little something to open your stomach and encourage you to feel hungry. It involves gathering around a bar and tasting little morsels at the antipasti bar, glasses of prosecco and wine, sharing and laughing in true Italian style. When most cafés have closed and shut up shop for the evening, Mazzitelli’s espresso game is still ticking away to help you push on through the evening as well as making for the perfect end to a meal.

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