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Opening its doors in 2015, MAKER Fine Coffee is equal parts specialty coffee roaster, brew bar and bonafide coffee-loving community.

MAKER Fine Coffee was inspired by the ‘Maker Movement’, a trend encouraging DIY artisan crafts and implementing technologies to enhance them. If you can’t find the brew that’s perfect for you, then why not go ahead and make it yourself, right? Well that’s exactly what owners and partners, John and Stephanie Vroom, have done, and coffee lovers everywhere are eternally grateful.

MAKER is far from their first foray into Melbourne’s competitive cafe scene; John and Stephanie opened Ora Specialty Coffee in Kew several years ago. Within the first few months of opening, John bought himself a 1kg coffee roaster to experiment with. His passion and skill grew quickly and within a couple of years the pair found themselves requiring more space and a bigger roaster. Hence, MAKER Fine Coffee was born. No longer just a pipe dream, MAKER became a space for John and Stephanie to fulfill their coffee dreams and share their knowledge with the wider community.

You might be surprised to learn that the folks at MAKER don’t actually blend their coffees. Instead, the team spends time sourcing and cupping single origin beans with the very best structure and body.

John embarked on his first trip to origin in 2016, venturing to coffee-loving regions across Colombia. This maiden voyage allowed the team to further establish valuable relationships with coffee farmers and producers and discover even more about the crop to cup process.

John and the team look for the characteristics necessary to perform equally as well as a milk-based coffee or on their own. Depending on seasonality, and the day of the week, you could be sampling a single origin from the likes of Burundi, Brazil, Peru or Rwanda.

One of MAKER’s key seasonal offerings, The Maven, hails from Timbio in the Cauca region of Colombia. It is a washed process coffee marked by its smooth mouthfeel, notes of green apple and blood plum, and a lingering cocoa finish. Finished with milk it’s a well-rounded treat; served black it’s complex and unique.

The retail and brew bar space at MAKER is spacious and bright, highlighted by lush greenery. Seating is minimal but knowledge and friendly service is aplenty and you can get your hands on anything from refreshing carbonated coffee to a steaming hot espresso, or AeroPress. You’ll find a modest menu offering pastries, donuts and other treats – the perfect accompaniment to your brew of choice.

MAKER Fine Coffee is a chilled out, coffee-centric environment where customers can sit back, relax and enjoy their coffee, take a bag home to experiment with, and immerse themselves in the specialty coffee community.

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47 North St, Richmond


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