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Five years ago, three coffee-obsessed minds came together to set about creating the perfect blend of coffee for themselves. Little did they know that other Melburnians would soon cotton-on to Madamimadam’s tastiness, demanding that their morning brew be made with this particular combination of beans.

So much more than just another laneway cafe, Madamimadam combines a roastery, cafe and retail store. The team collaborates with a number of artisans that create pieces and produce inspired by nature. It’s a concept that’s reflected in the name itself – Madamimadam is a palindrome, reflecting the idea of balance and justice.

The cafe section, This Side of Paradise, serves up coffee, breakfast and lunch; while the retail space, simply named The Shop, stocks hand crafted coffee to go, Madamimadam’s very own limited release wine, as well as assorted furniture, knick knacks and artwork.

Managing Director, Maria Capuano, and Creative Director, Nick Galanis, founded the Madamimadam brand in 2013, each bringing their own unique passion for Melbourne’s coffee culture to the table. With a background in corporate business, Maria was dipping her biscotti in her father’s coffee from a very young age, so a craving for the good stuff was only inevitable. Meanwhile, Nick comes from a history in creative business environments, having spent time owning and operating espresso bars across Melbourne. Today, he collaborates with entrepreneurial cafe owners with all facets of their business, from branding and design to recruitment and operations with the ultimate aim to enhance the overall experience.

The third piece of the puzzle, Derek Silva, who boasts 25 years of roasting experience, heads up all things coffee, making for a business-oriented trio who know the coffee industry, inside and out. When it comes to the coffee, the team connects with ethical farmers and traders from outstanding coffee-producing regions, allowing access to high quality, sustainable coffee beans year round.

The house blend, Madam Reviver, is a culmination of everything the Madamimadam team has worked so hard for. It’s a rich bold roast with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, butterscotch and roasted almonds, finished with a touch of lively citrus. Head Barista, Danielle Wilson, will whip up espresso, all the milk-based coffees, or even a spicy chai with cold pressed almond milk. If you are in luck, she may even serenade you while pumping out her thousandth coffee for the day.

Madamimadam promotes healthy balanced living, and while the This Side of Paradise menu has some Melbourne classics, it features some creative healthy alternatives too, including the acai bowl, raw vegan sweets, the breakfast burrito and paleo brunch options. Lunch is stocked with diversity, from low carb, high protein salads to sushi, burrito bowls and their famous club sandwich.

You can find Madamimadam’s coffee stocked at several popular cafes throughout Melbourne, including Hurricane Handsome, Dark Horse on the Britt, Eurolane, Johnny Dante, Jack the Geezer and the artistic Attaboy Roy – which is part owned by Madamimadam. Head to the flagship venue to see what all the fuss is about – it’s a one-stop shop for a dose of Melbourne magic.

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