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After years working in allied health centres and seeing person after person coming in looking for a quick fix to their health issues, Michaela Menichelli and husband Ashley Campbell-Bird decided to do something about it.

Obviously, people in Melbourne can get help for their aches and pains, and eat at health-focused cafes, but where do we do go for a total health experience? Elwood’s newest wellness centre, This Is Life, is dedicated to educating its guests about healthy, holistic life choices. With a great understanding that health is by no means, a one size fits all mechanism, Michaela and Ashley have created This Is Life as a community-minded business that looks to inject a fresh breath of wellness into every facet of your life. The centre includes a range of services such as a chiropractor, physio, nutritionist, naturopath, yoga and meditation as well as retreats, classes and workshops for every member of the family, kids included.

However, the real star of the show is the cafe. As the entrance and waiting room for the entire centre, the cafe is what draws guests in off the street. It is clean, crisp and filled with light. Small pops of pale blue, polished concrete floors and an exposed brick feature wall keep the vibe very modern and sleek. The entire centre looks to educate the community, showing people healthy options rather than preaching to them.

The menu outlines the health benefits of dishes and specific ingredients and present ways that diners can incorporate healthy choices into their everyday life. A strong focus on family health means that children are more than welcome. Elwood is filled with young families who are eager to live healthy lifestyles and are open to alternatives. As Michaela says herself, “It’s the perfect location for the centre.”

Chef, Cate Robertson (ex Matteo’s, The Point and The Press Club), has crafted a menu with Ashley and Michaela that keeps this ideology at the forefront of her food. Cate has formed great relationships with local suppliers such as organic butchers, Hagen’s Meats, ethically sourced seafood suppliers, Red Coral Seafood, and South Melbourne organic fruit and vegetable grocers, Passionfoods. With all of this incredible produce, Cate is able to create an array of beautiful seasonal menus that cater to every inclination and intolerance known to man. Unlike a lot of other health-focused cafes in Melbourne, This Is Life does not advocate a specific diet or way of eating, you will not find a completely raw, vegan, fun free menu here but rather a well-rounded and thought out selection of dishes.

Locate This Is Life Wellness Centre

109 Brighton Road, Elwood VIC, Australia


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