• Mon-Fri 7am-4pm
  • Sat-Sun 8am-4pm

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  • Outdoor Seating
  • Dog Friendly
  • Takes Reservations
  • Free Coffee On July 28

Down where the Yarra River meets Port Philip Bay, a Japanese-inspired cafe is serving up delicious breakfasts, tasty lunches and specialty coffee to the lovely locals of Williamstown.

Kodama Coffee takes its name from Japanese folklore. Kodama references the spirits that inhibit trees and maintain the balance of nature. The design of the space is inspired by this notion, with a modern Japanese minimalist aesthetic, stylish wooden finishes and a collection of cute little ‘kodamas’ hanging on the walls.

Tash Strachan, Chloe Strachan and Cody Nesbit are the team behind the west-side gem. After moving to Melbourne from the Gold Coast, the three developed an instant admiration for the city’s cafe culture and loved discovering the unique and innovative designs around town. It was all the inspiration they needed to set out and create their own little slice of cafe heaven.

Tash studied hotel and tourism management at university, supplementing her studies by working at some of the best specialty coffee spots on the Gold Coast. Meanwhile, Chloe came from a urban design and project management background, and brought her design know-how to the project. As a well seasoned barista with more than 10 years of experience under his belt, Cody is no stranger when it comes to coffee.

Having worked at Axil Coffee Roasters HQ before opening Kodama, it is no surprise that the Axil was Cody’s first choice  when it came to selecting a supplier. Chloe, Tash and Cody all found that the values behind Axil resonated with their own, forming a strong foundation for a fruitful partnership.

Cody works with a fantastic team of baristas who turn out cup after cup of quality coffee, using Axil’s Seasonal Espresso Blend. The robust blend consists of beans from El Salvador, Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil, resulting in a strong coffee that cuts well through milk while still shining on its own.

A selection of baked goods are on hand to accompany the coffee offerings. Keeping it as local as possible, Kodama offers pastries from both Candied Bakery in Spotswood and Cobb Lane Bakery in Yarraville, juices from Helping Humans and sweet treats from Butterbing.

Beyond the realms of tasty little treats like these, Kodama’s all-day menu also boasts a mouth-watering collection of Japanese inspired meals. Organic chia pudding is served with fresh kiwi fruit, mango puree, green tea poached pear, house labne and granola, while brioche French toast comes with a bacon crumb and chai-spiced berries. Although it is a new kid on the block, Kodama is quickly

Although it is a new kid on the block, Kodama is quickly settling itself into Williamstown. A great destination for either regular caffeine hits or weekend brunch adventures, there is something very special about this tranquil space.

Locate Kodama Coffee

69-71 Stevedore St, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia


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