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If you live in Burnley, you probably venture outside the suburb for your morning coffee or for an Instagram-worthy weekend brunch, right? Well no longer; new kid on the block Jethro Canteen is out to liven up the dormant suburb, one health-conscious latte at a time!

Jethro Canteen is the brainchild of Melbourne husband and wife duo, Zarbos and Sara. When Sara fell pregnant with their first child, the couple settled on the name of Jethro for a boy, or Gwenyth for a girl. When their daughter Gwenyth was born it was decided that the cafe, their ‘other child’, would be named Jethro. Both children have kept Zarbos and Sara equally as busy ever since!

Zarbos and Sara have enlisted the help of chef, Paul Davies (Merchants Guild), to oversee the menu at Jethro Canteen. Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the role of Head Chef, Paul has created an experimental menu that puts a nostalgic twist on old favourites. This is especially clear in the waffles, which are served with cereal milk pannacotta. The dish takes diners back to their youth and allows them to recall the sweet milk flavour that lingers at the bottom of the cereal bowl.

Housed in the old Richmond medical centre, located conveniently across from Burnley Station, Jethro Canteen is set to be a trailblazer in Burnley. With a strong emphasis on using healthy and sustainable options, there will also be room for more unusual ingredients such as insects. Once established properly, the cafe will feature two menus – one for hearty take-home options and the other for in-store experimental treats.

There is also a sustainable milk latte option on offer, but if you’re thinking macadamia or coconut milk, you would be wrong. Instead, Jethro Canteen offers a camel’s milk latte for a health-conscious treat that is a little different.

The space itself is typical of a modern, Melbourne cafe – exposed brick and beautiful hard-wood tables are softened with comfy chairs and pops of lush greenery. The old world charm of the medical centre shines through in the cafe, a space that has become the perfect marriage of old and new.

Jethro Canteen is bringing the style and charm of Melbourne’s cafe scene to Burnley. Offering specialty coffee, health-conscious lattes and some of the most Instagrammable meals going around, Jethro Canteen rivals other cult venues around town. It is certainly one to add to the weekend brunch list.

Locate Jethro Canteen

385-389 Burnley Street, Burnley, Vic


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