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Cafes may be dime a dozen these days, but there’s something a little different about Gold Drops, the newest addition to Melbourne CBD’s coffee scene.

Nestled between Drizabone and Evan Penniless on Little Collins Street, the intimate coffee bar is offering all who walk by a chance to take things back to simpler times, focusing on just two things: coffee and tea.

Upon walking into the narrow space, the first thing you’ll notice is the height of the counter. It’s not a measuring mishap – owner Ari specifically designed it as such, meaning there’s no physical barriers between you and the man behind the coffee machine.

It’s a token symbol for the type of access Ari wants his customers to have when it comes to coffee. Baristas are more than happy to field and answer any questions you may have about your brew, including where it comes from and what the difference between various offerings are.

If you cast your eyes a little further, you’ll be able to admire the La Marzocco machine sitting proudly on the counter. Beans from small batch roaster CPR arrive fresh from Sydney, are ground and then converted into either ‘black’ or ‘white’, as per the menu to the left of the machine.

Other options on the coffee side include batch brew, chai, chocolate and an iced coffee, but if it’s tea you’re after, wander further down the space: you’ll soon be treated to a tea-specific bar, where a number of blends sit waiting to be tried and tested.

Ari worked with the Australian Tea Masters to select the combinations on offer, including Jasmine Pearl and Lapsang Souchong. The leaf is treated with as much reverence as the bean, and staff are once again more than happy to answer any questions you may have about what’s on offer.

Gold Drops operates on a natural ethos, meaning everything is as unrefined and untouched as can be. The only exception? The sweet treats. Glass shelves hold an array of muffins, donuts and other delicious morsels, designed as the perfect accompaniment to what you’re drinking.

The approach to simplicity also extends to the design; it’s elegantly monochrome, complemented by the marble bar and mirrored surfaces. It makes for the perfect backdrop to focus on what’s important: a beautiful brew.

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183 Little Collins St, Melbourne


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