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No matter how much you love food and cooking, there will always be times when the whole process seems like a chore.

When your schedule’s packed out or you just feel like a having a lazy evening free of preparation and cleaning up, you need a nourishing meal that delivers nutrition without the effort. That’s where food delivery service Dineamic comes in.

Gone are the days of bland pre-packaged meals – Dineamic has expert chefs prepare their food, so you’re assured tasty meals using lean meat and fresh vegetables from Australian suppliers.

Chefs Michael Rodenberg and Tim Smith have years of experience in renowned kitchens, including Ireland’s Ashmore Castle and Melbourne’s The Australian Club. Along with leading Australian sports dietitian and Head of Nutrition, Karen Inge, they create meals that are nutritionally rich as well as delicious.

‘Gone are the days of bland pre-packaged meals – Dineamic has expert chefs prepare their food, so you’re assured tasty meals using lean meat and fresh vegetables from Australian suppliers.‘

Aligned with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, you can be sure that your plate has a balanced combination of grains, vegetables, fruit, protein and dairy to keep your energy levels up. The team uses blast freezers to quickly preserve their meals, optimising nutritional value and freshness without resorting to using nasty preservatives and chemical additives. All the ingredients are listed clearly, so you know exactly what you’re eating.

Individual or double servings make it easy to eat well on those nights when you’re too busy to cook. No mess, no shopping and no chopping means it’s the perfect way to fill up without stressing out. It’s also a convenient way to cater for tricky diets, with gluten free, dairy free and fructose – friendly options, as well as a number of hearty vegetarian meals. If you’re trying to slim down or tone up, opt for the 99% fat free range to complement your exercise regime.

Dishes include the Malaysian-inspired kangaroo Rendang curry, packed with aromatic lemongrass, turmeric and coconut, or the Spanish-style prawn and chorizo paella, spiked with saffron and smoked paprika. Carnivores will love the rosemary slow- braised beef cheeks, while vegetarians will enjoy the spicy bean burrito mix, perfect when paired with tacos and home-made guacamole.

Pick the snack bundle for a selection of muesli treats and chia puddings that will ward o those mid-morning or afternoon tummy rumbles. There’s a range of sides as well, ideal for mid-week meals or dinner parties when you don’t have the time to prepare multiple elements. If you’ve got bigger plans in mind, you can enlist Dineamic for catering and have healthy fare to feed a crowd.

Drop by Dineamic HQ in Camberwell for the full range or find a selection of meals in independent supermarkets and food stores across Australia. For the ultimate in convenience, order online and have the week’s meals delivered to your home or office. With such easy access and fantastic fare, it’s an unbeatable option for any day of the week.

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