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  • Specialty Coffee
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With a dedication to consistency and a drive to produce the best coffee in Melbourne’s west, Cornershop Yarraville is an ideal pit-stop for all the caffeine-crazed people on the Geelong side of the Westgate.

Having known each other for almost 20 years, well-seasoned hospitality workers, Iain and Clare Munro and their food loving friends, Simon Reed and Ane Marie Kristiansen, have been operating Cornershop since 2007. While Clare has now pursued a career in teaching, Iain continues to run the cafe, welcoming a host of regulars that visit each day.

Coffee is brewed under the watchful eye of Cornershop’s Head Barista, Renee Fletcher. Beginning her coffee journey whilst studying at university, she took a brief hiatus to travel the world. When she returned to Melbourne, she took up a position behind Cornershop’s La Marzocco, from where she now delivers consistent cups of coffee every day.

Cornershop’s chosen house blends come courtesy of local roasters Profile Coffee, which was chosen not just for the coffee they roast but for their consistency and ongoing support. The founders wanted a coffee offering that would satisfy the tastes of a long-standing customer base, whilst also introducing something new every now and then.

They worked with Profile’s Head Roaster and owner, Zach Oakes, to find blends that delivered complex flavours when served black and a consistency when stretched with milk. In what’s almost a bonus, Profile is also based locally, meaning freshly roasted beans never have to travel too far.

There are two seasonal blends on offer, with one designed for black coffee and the other for milk. Their origins and processes change throughout the year, however, milkbased drinks present notes of sugary caramel, chocolate, butterscotch and subtle hazelnut flavours. Meanwhile, black espresso has an incredibly balanced flavour profile and presents a dark chocolate, berry and stone fruit body with sweet marmalade acidity. The coffee menu is completed by a rotating single origin courtesy of Profile, offered as a batch brew, cold drip or two-cup press.

Cornershop’s kitchen is well-equipped to whip up anything in the way of breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a little sweet treat to get you through the day. Morning dishes include coconut and quinoa bircher with coconut yoghurt, poached strawberries, seasonal fruit and pistachio, and the oven-baked eggs with black turtle beans, jalapeño cheese, coriander and chargrilled sourdough.

For lunch, a coconut-poached free-range chicken salad with wombok, peanuts, snake beans and a chilli-lime dressing sits alongside a signature slow-roasted lamb with cracked wheat, pomegranate, almonds, yoghurt and tahini, ensuring that every palate is catered for.

Having recharged caffeine-starved locals of Melbourne’s west for almost 10 years, Cornershop has weaved its way into the fabric of the suburb. Ideal for a catch-up over lunch or a quick coffee at the start of the day, it’s everything a community hub should be.

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11 Ballarat St, Yarraville, Victoria, Australia


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