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Glen Waverley has long had an affinity with the name Black Flat. Before the suburb took on its current name in 1921, the area was nicknamed for its rich black soil and flat land, perfect for cultivating orchards. Today, Black Flat has another meaning – a specialty coffee spot serving rich long blacks and creamy flat whites.

The pint-sized cafe is the brainchild of Jordan Harrick, who found inspiration in the stand-up espresso bars of Italy that she frequented while on exchange. On her return, the lack of quality coffee in her local area prompted her to take matters in her own hands. She was well prepared, having worked in hospitality since the age of 14 and clocking up plenty of hours as a barista during her university years, successfully opening Black Flat Coffee Brewers in 2014.

What does Jordan love about the world of coffee? Almost everything. The social aspect of coffee appealed to her when she was conceptualising the cafe, creating a community hub for regulars and newcomers alike. She’s also passionate about the science of coffee and the intricacies of growing, roasting and brewing.

It made sense that she teamed up with folks who shared her passion – Axil Coffee Roasters. Not only did they work with Jordan to ensure her house blend was just right, she was also given the opportunity to delve deeper into the coffee world with an adventure to origin. This direct-trade sourcing trip to Costa Rica and Guatemala was a game changer for Jordan, “The different processing methods and cultivation techniques from farm, mill, and country of origin really interest me, especially seeing it up close and meeting farmers face to face and learning from them and their craft,” she said.

The house blend by Axil changes seasonally, combining the best from Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil for a balanced brew. It’s a blend that works well for both milk-based and espresso, and Jordan and her team extract it at a high yield to create a viscous, well balanced cup.

If you’re after something a little different, step up to the filter bar where you’ll find single origins on offer from roasters Wood & Co, MAKER Fine Coffee, Small Batch Roasting Co, Nozy and Compound Coffee Co. Cold drip coffee is perfect for days when it’s too hot to contemplate anything else and a menu of freshly filled bagels is there to satisfy any rumbling tummies.

Nestled on the corner of Glen Waverley Station, Black Flat may be tiny, but it boasts both efficiency and heart. Pop by the takeaway window for your morning latte or pull up a seat inside and enjoy the friendly vibe. In case you ever doubted Black Flat’s community spirit, one of the walls showcases the pre-paid tabs of the loyal regulars, while another wall plays host to local artworks for sale. The team also offers classes in espresso basics, milk texturing and latte art, and home brewing so that you can be your own barista at home.

As far as names go, Black Flat suits the cafe to a tee, reflecting the role that this little nook plays in supplying specialty coffee to the locals of Glen Waverley.

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Shop 6, 39 Kingsway, Glen Waverley


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