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“Anthropology serves a greater purpose, to tear down divisive barriers, and generate harmony,” says the co-owner of a new Pascoe Vale cafe, Fairuz. After studying anthropology at university, she and her partner, Omar, decided to open a cafe to demonstrate that belief. As she says, “After all, coffee knows no boundaries.”

The new café, Anthropology Specialty Coffee and Concept Store, was named to reflect coffee’s connection with society. The couple believe that coffee is a means to unite people, both within and between cultures, and they want their cafe to reflect that.

Fairuz said, “I’ve always felt like we are living in a heightened social and political climate whereby the Muslim name and identity gets tainted a lot … and I wanted to create a platform where we can be seen as individuals, as people.”

The couple have all the essential qualities of cafe owners – they’re friendly and skilled. Each and every customer is welcomed into Anthropology, just as a friend would welcome you into their home. As any friend would, you’re offered a drink when you arrive. The beans for the house blend are sourced from Clark St Roasters, while black coffee is brewed from a selection of rotating single origins from various roasters, including Wood & Co and Four Pals. Espresso shots are skillfully extracted via a white La Marzocco Linea PB, and the Wallflower blend offers a vibrant cup, with sweet stone fruit tones.

The cafe’s design is a well-rounded family venture. Teaming up behind the scenes were Fairuz’s talented interior designer sister, Iva, and her crafty architect cousin, Maryam. Together, they have created a space that boasts a minimalistic style with freshly painted white brick walls, timber furnishings, and polished concrete flooring.

When it comes to breakfast and lunch offerings, they have a comprehensive menu that caters for vegan, dairy free, and gluten free requirements. Options include smashed avocado with activated almond dukkah; black rice pudding; grilled halloumi toasties; Mexican baked eggs; crispy chicken waffles with maple syrup and coconut chive sauce; and house made falafels with smoked paprika tzatziki on sourdough.

Fairuz has also created a retail space that displays handmade crafts from local Muslim women. Anthropology is centred on empowerment and supporting local talent. “The cafe isn’t just about me, it’s about giving back to the community,” said Fairuz.

The atmosphere is community focused with a generous sprinkling of graciousness. Staff members are from varied backgrounds and all contribute to the greater community through donating their tips to a local care network.

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349 Gaffney Street, Pascoe Vale VIC


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