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  • Specialty Coffee

You’ll know you’re near the Allpress Roastery Cafe before you see it – the toasted, chocolatey scent of roasting coffee wafts through the surrounding streets. Let the coffee aroma draw you through the lush gardens and into the open-plan cafe, where sun-kissed tables await. You’ll also be treated to an insight into the inner workings of the roastery and warehouse, visible from your seat. 

Set in the back streets of Collingwood in what was once the Famco lighting factory, the venue has been transformed into an all-encompassing operation for Allpress. Minimally designed with white walls, original timber framing and plenty of glass, the cafe relies on the sun for most of its lighting, one aspect of the cafe’s sustainable building. Ivy-covered walls minimise the absorption of heat while rainwater tanks and photovoltaics provide for the building’s amenities and additional power needs.

The Allpress Roastery Cafe may be serious about sustainability, but it’s even more serious about excellent coffee. Since 1986, Michael Allpress, owner operator of Allpress Espresso, has been at the forefront of supplying freshly roasted coffee to independent cafes, beginning in New Zealand. A call for his signature coffee in Melbourne led the way to establishing his own roaster and cafe in Collingwood in 2013.

The key feature of the roastery is the Air Roasting Technology (A.R.T) roaster, custom-designed and built by Michael and technical engineer, Mike Scobie. This technology sets a new benchmark in the industry: this is a roaster built by a roaster. It uses strictly convective heat, in a chamber where beans are suspended in a stream of fluidised, hot air. This allows a more even heat transfer to permeate the bean with no risk of scorching or tainting from residual smoke.

Roaster, Zac Dowse, uses this unique roasting system to produce some of the best coffee around. His in-depth knowledge of origins, flavour profiles and roasting techniques means consistency and quality through every batch. Quality Arabica beans are sourced directly from farms and co-ops for Allpress’ four blends: Supremo,Carmelo, Full City and Browns Mill.

Sample the different blends in espresso form courtesy of the La Marzocco, or opt for a cold brew or pour over. If you’re a little peckish, take a seat with a pastry, daily salad or a mixed plate – toast, boiled eggs, avocado and your choice of prosciutto or smoked salmon.

Between the gardens, cafe, roastery and studio, Allpress is a crossroads for nearby businesspeople, locals, tradies and creatives, bringing all these groups together thanks to their love of coffee.


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80 Rupert Street, Collingwood, VIC


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