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As the name suggests, everyone is welcome at Northcote’s newest bakery – All Are Welcome. The talented bunch behind this floury haven offer delicious fresh bread, pastry and coffee to all every day of the week.

All Are Welcome is a collaboration between pastry chef turned baker Boris Portnoy and coffee roasters Mark Free and Aaron Maxwell, of Everyday Coffee. Boris has extensive experience in kitchens across the world, including a stint as lead pastry chef at Michelin-starred The Restaurant at Meadowood in the Napa Valley. After years spent working in fine dining, Boris moved to Melbourne and decided to reinvent himself in a more casual space.

“I decided that a bakery would be the next step. The narrow parameters of baking really appealed to me after fine dining pastry – creating something special from a limited pantry of ingredients (essentially, water, flour and salt) was really exciting,” said Boris.

Boris decided to partner with Everyday Coffee’s Mark Free (Flour Market co-founder) and Aaron Maxwell to ensure his bakery would offer the best in pastry and coffee. Mark and Aaron have a proven commitment to quality and service and with successful cafes in Collingwood and the CBD already under their belts, All Are Welcome was an exciting next step.

The bakery, located on Northcote’s bustling High Street, was previously home to a Christian Science Reading Room dating back to the 1950s. The phrase ‘all are welcome’ was scrawled on the building’s front door in gold letters – in this text, Boris saw potential.

“I passed the building every day for over a year, and always thought it would make a perfect bakery. The name also makes me think of a cult, and I’d like to be playful with making the bakery “cult like” through recycling the altar and pews from the church, the lighting, and the graphic identity.”

For now, customers can find sourdough, rye and heritage rain breads, as well as a selection of European pastries at All Are Welcome. While Boris is embracing casual baking, he sticks to his fine dining roots in many aspects of the business, including with the production of several lesser-known European style pastries.

These include the ensaïmada – a fluffy, sweet spiral of pastry from Mallorca; the bostock – a thick slice of brioche twice baked with almond cream; the khachapuri – a savoury cheesy bread from the Georgia; and the medovnik, a delicate honey cake with up to twelve layers.

In addition to fresh pastries and delicious Everyday Coffee, All Are Welcome also offers lunch options, including savoury tarts and open sandwiches, to a crowd of hungry locals.

For those looking to stock up on something more substantial, the fresh bread on offer is complemented by stock at the bakery’s larder, which includes house made preserves, chutneys, pickles and local cheeses. A full selection of Everyday Coffee’s freshly roasted beans and brewing accessories is also available for purchase.

All Are Welcome offers a delightful selection of sweet and savoury pastries to enjoy with mans best friend – coffee. Located in the heart of Northcote, the newly opened bakery is a mecca for anyone who enjoys pastry, coffee and good vibes.

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