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When Age of Sail Coffee Brewers opened in August 2015, the cries of happiness from Glen Iris’ corporate workers could be heard a few suburbs over. The Manhattan-inspired cafe filled a gaping hole in Melbourne’s market, supplying specialty coffee and bite-sized treats for each and every one of the 5,000+ caffeine-hungry corporates that work within walking distance.

Age of Sail is yet another suburban offering from Julien Moussi. Julien has built a name for himself as someone that can find a patch of Melbourne that’s screaming out for a cafe, and create one that not only satisfies expectations but exceeds them. Age of Sail is no exception, servicing locals, shoppers and the large offices that surround it.

Julien’s experience shows in every element of the cafe’s offering, from the design to the coffee and food. He partnered with Comme Design’s Jean Paul Ghougassian to infuse the space with a New York feel, installing copper and timber furnishings and standing booths, perfect for resting on as you throw back your brew.

When it comes to coffee, there’s no messing around. The house blend, Veneziano Coffee’s Estate, holds flavours of toasted cashew, dark chocolate and Morello cherry, pairing beautifully with milk. To keep things interesting for their regulars, a range of rotating guest blends and single origins are also on offer, supplied by Veneziano and MAKER.

These single origins are also used for all black coffees, and are chosen for their seasonality and quality. For those looking for something other than the normal skinny cappuccino, alternative brews include filter and bottled cold brew. Coffee aficionados can also bring the Age of Sail experience into their own home, with beans to take away.

The Manhattan theme and sense of place is also reflected in the cafe’s menu. The team has designed the offering with the clientele in mind, offering breakfast and lunch combinations that can be eaten inside or on the run.

The acai and peanut butter bowl will provide all the nutrients you need for a hard day’s work and when it comes to lunch, sandwiches that follow the simple but tasty ethos join the fold. The tuna melt continues to be a popular choice, as does the classic Reuben. House-baked treats complete the food offering, meaning there’s no excuse not to enjoy coffee and cake anytime of day.

Age of Sail may be tailored to the grab and go experience, but those who choose to eat in are rewarded with luxurious touches. Sparkling water is free-flowing and complimentary, and staff are friendly and attentive, meaning you can focus on the important things: eating and drinking well. The soundtrack of killer tunes is also sure to make your day that little bit brighter.

As the bastion of specialty coffee in an otherwise untouched spot of Melbourne, Age of Sail Coffee Brewers offers a respite to shoppers, locals and workers alike. Thanks to Julien, everyone can start their day with a carefully crafted brew.

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Shop T14, 766 Toorak Rd, Glen Iris


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