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Your New Favourite Cafe in Melbourne

Just when you thought you’d found your favourite coffee spot, a new place pops up around the corner – such is the (first-world) problem of a Melbourne foodie. The city’s cafe culture is ever-evolving; from hole-in-the-wall coffee spots to light and bright cafes, there’s a table for everyone. As coffee brewing technology develops, baristas are also introducing new ways to create your coffee, changing the face of your regular order forever. With so much to choose from, just how do you choose where to spend your Sunday morning?

With a comprehensive directory of brunch and speciality coffee venues throughout Melbourne, we’re making the search easier than ever before. Have a read through our recommendations and reviews to arm yourself with all of the knowledge you’ll need to seek out the ultimate cuppa.

The best brunch and coffee in Melbourne

The only thing better than a perfectly brewed coffee is a beautiful brunch. Whether you’re a smashed avo and feta, or bacon and eggs kind of guy or gal, our delectable selection of Melbourne cafes will help you decide on the perfect place. Having sampled many breakfast and lunch dishes throughout this fabulous city, we’ve compiled your go-to list, ready to be ticked off. Search by location or cuisine to find exactly what you’re after, and let us know how you go by tagging @smudge_eats on Instagram or Facebook.

Finding something specific can often feel overwhelming, especially when searching in a Melbourne-sized haystack. If you’re in search of a speciality coffee, or know of a cafe we haven’t listed, get in touch with us today at smudge@smudgepub.com.au