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With enough rum to sink a pirate ship, The Rum Diary is your go-to for everything the sugarcane spirit has to offer. With over 200 samples of the stuff, as well as a number of other libations, it’s a Fitzroy local that has something for everyone.

Chief Hamish Goonetille was ahead of the tide when he thought to open The Rum Diary in 2013. Rum was yet to have its renaissance, but as many a hangover will attest, it made its way to the forefront soon after, where the Rum Diary was ready and waiting. Six years down the track, Zac Matassoni and Andy Strachan manage the day-to-day operations, delivering arguably Melbourne’s very best rum bar.

Located in the middle of the action on Brunswick Street, The Rum Diary may initially be hard to spot. Its green-tiled façade and stained wood don’t give much away, but look for the red door and you’ll soon be thrust into welcoming space with lots of nooks and crannies to get comfortable in.

If you’re a rum fan who wishes to learn more about the spirit, take a seat at the bar. Here, you’ll have direct access to the expert team of bartenders, who can inform, advise and entertain. They’ll whip you up a house favourite, a tasty combination of freshly made apple juice and house spiced rum, or anything you fancy really – the ball is in your court.

Hamish, Zac, Andy and the team celebrate rum for its diverse style and unique backgrounds. Therefore, they stock rum from all over the world, and offer a selection of rum flights, with drops from Britain, Spain, France, Portugal and of course, the Caribbean. Such is their love for the drink, they’ve even created their own spiced rum, which proved so successful it’s now sold across a number of bars in Australia.

A trip to The Rum Diary is not complete without a tipple of the good stuff, but just in case you’re driving, the team have you covered with their homemade ginger beer. With flavours of cold-pressed ginger, coriander and green capsicum, it’s a spicy way to keep your night alive.

True rum fans will also want to sign up for the Rum Club Australia, yet another rum-loving initiative from the team. You’ll receive 3 x 200ml bottles of rum each month to try, selected for their similar or contrasting qualities, brands, regions or styles.

The Rum Diary Bar celebrates the sugarcane spirit. Step aboard to learn a little more about it, and explore the world around it.

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334 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC


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