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Pawn & Co, once named one of the world’s most dazzling bars by Forbes Magazine, is back, bigger and better than ever before.

After five wild years on Chapel Street, a purchase of their building forced the bar to move to Greville Street in Prahran. With the move, they’ve taken the opportunity to re-theme with a retro-futuristic feel and have found themselves with a lot more space, leaving more room to buy, sell, loan and dance.

However, a change in location and theme doesn’t mean the Pawn & Co you know and love has changed all that much. Everything continues to be for sale, including the glass your drink comes in and the chair you’re sitting on. The three masterminds from the original concept are still running the joint – Josh Lefers, Stephen Wools and Steve Thomas. With their new launch, they know they had to exceed expectations and boy, has it stepped up a notch.

Guests can now expect to buy more than just the everyday items. The bigger and better offerings includes a 1982 Mercedes limo, droids and a drum kit signed by rock stars. Don’t worry though! The signature taxidermy albino kangaroo from the original Pawn & Co has not gone anywhere – in fact, it’s been reincarnated as a cyborg.

The crazy new aesthetic will not disappoint, with guests receiving special glasses to interact with the new decor. Partygoers can now sit in an old Victorian tram and enjoy the Gunpowder Long Island Iced Tea cocktail, which was mixed by a church organ. Drink orders can be placed with a talking vending machine and enjoyed in a cryogenic chamber or steampunk throne.

The venue has a licence until 5am, so guests can explore, buy, sell and loan all the pawn offerings until their hearts desire.

Locate Pawn & Co

177 Greville Street, Prahran


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